By Suzanne Carré

Sex is not vital for human beings. We might suffer emotionally, or socially, but no serious physical disorders arise from the absence of sex. In all our recorded history, no one has ever died for not indulging in sexual activities. But the vampires are different. Vampire sex is functional and even though I have described the extent of fun sex, the necessity of sex in the preternatural domain is literally a matter of life and death.

Blood and sex

The feeding ritual of vampires requires sex. Blood is food for vampires and the very stuff of their supernatural existence so it is important the vampire consumes blood or else they starve. It doesn’t matter if the blood is acquired during a hunt, or shared with other vampires, drinking blood arouses the vampire’s sexual appetite. Depending on how hot the blood is, where fresh blood from a human donor is very hot and sexy, determines the level of sexual frenzy the vampire suffers. Sex then not only drives the vampire to bite and extract blood, but as I described earlier, the sexual conclusion ends the feed and (temporarily) satisfies the hunger of the vampire.

Fangs and sex

Vampire fangs are highly sensitive erogenous zones. The slightest pressure exerted on the fangs when engaged in the bite is enough to plummet the vampire towards sexual bliss. It is then the sensitivity of the fangs that limit their use in the bite. Biology drives the urges of food and sex together seamlessly in the function of the vampire fangs. It doesn’t matter then if the bite is to feed or simply to enhance the sensations of sex, the fangs govern the association with sex and necessity for sexual activity. The bite, and with it blood, is then always exchanged with sex.

The bite cannot define the type of sex involved and is not restricted by it. Between lovers the sex of the bite is all possibilities available to pleasure in. With the bite being the ultimate kiss to vampires then it is the Lust kiss to heighten the sensations in lovemaking. But unlike respect boundaries dictating the use of private sex, between lovers, and proper sex, for the males not completely accepted, the bite is the only sexual exchange not restricted by such rules of love or sex. The bite of vampires on the neck is the one aspect of vampire sex completely free of social conventions. Notably the lust of blood and blood lust associated with the bite to other parts of the body is like any form of lust, best with the one you love.

Like the bite, not all vampire sex is restricted to certain conditions. Most necessary sex falls into the freely exchanged category because of the importance the sex plays. The next form of necessary sex is required sex.

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