By Suzanne Carré

What exactly is vampire sexuality? As I demonstrated last time, the bite is in many ways an erotic experience, even without any sexual activity. Previously I looked at what others said about the sex appeal of vampires, and most of these points covered the erotic nature of vampires, or the sexual expectations we have over vampires. The sexuality of the vampire, in terms of the preferences for bedroom entertainments, is rarely considered. So, lets pull back the sheets—shall we?

The Vampire—as seen on TV!

It seems that we assume the vampire looks like us so they live sexually the way we do (or would like to if we had the chance). Consequently, we apply our morals and definitions of sex to the vampire. They are heterosexual (of course) and faithful to their mates (naturally). To thrill the male vampire (when he’s bored of sex), his girls will get it on (and they know how to please), and he likes to watch (don’t we all). Oh, sorry, didn’t I mention the male vampire is a bigamist, but don’t worry he’s a faithful bigamist—it’s okay then, isn’t it?

So, there you have it, the sexual nature of the vampire courtesy of all those B-grade horror movies that were once available on video tape. I hope you sleep better knowing the supernatural aren’t getting anymore action than you could possibly have imagined them having.

Sex after Midnight

Now back to reality (pun intended—I couldn’t resist using the word). Vampire sex is, as the name suggests, the sex vampires get up to in the still of the night. What this has to do with our expectations of sex I really don’t know. It’s part of the problem we have with sex, our dreary shame and guilt over having fun, so we classify the acts, and put restraints on all behaviors we consider irregular.

We label every type of sex from our prospective. That’s okay because sex for us is purely by choice. Every aspect of our sexuality is governed by our want for sex—from abstaining to sampling all the forbidden fruits—deciding whether or not to marry—to have many kids or choosing to have no children—it is all up to us. We then have a right to classify our sex according to our lifestyle.

But the tags straight or gay, mean nothing beyond the human experience. Still, it doesn’t stop us applying our narrow-minded, myopic view of sex on animals. By simply anthropomorphizing the poor creatures, we safely damn all animals with our morals. Promiscuous mates cheat on their “spouses,” unpaired adults were once considered “unchristian” for masturbating, and same sex encounters are still classified deviant not convenient.

Vampire Style

In the preternatural domain, sex is so much more than mere classification conveys. Vampires usually don’t have sex by choice in the way us humans do. I say usually because vampires need sex more than they want sex. Critically, vampires need sex to conduct their feeding ritual (a daily treat), and this means with different partners depending on which vampires do the hunting. Female vampires especially need sex to regenerate their supernatural powers (regular maintenance) so they can hunt and keep peace within their hierarchies. Also, if the male wants to eat (every night), and have the females treat him well (most of the time), then he’s a busy boy with routine proper sex.

So what about sex for physical pleasure? Yes vampires do and they call this sex just for fun (because it is fun). Vampires restrict fun sex to their lovers, where having multiple lovers is common, and they give the same names to the acts regardless of their partner’s gender. Vampires consider sex is sex irrespective if they share with a male or female. It becomes even more complicated when vampires exchange gender roles during sex.

Over the next few articles I want to examine the range of sexual activities defining vampire sexuality. Their varied habits, in the name of having a good time, depends on whose in bed, how many are sharing, and whether or not they are playing by the rules.

To start with, lets begin with one boy and one girl vampire in bed. Sounds simple but, as you will discover, there is nothing simple about vampires, especially their sexuality.

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