By Suzanne Carré

Female vampires have always been alluring creatures of the night. Their sensuous, graceful forms define the sexuality and beauty of vampires, as only girls know how. We imagine these erotic beauties of our dreams crawling across our beds, as they seek intimacy with us, their powers of seduction perfected over the centuries. When near enough to bite she bares her fangs, designed for drinking blood, and we are then at her mercy. The female vampire embodies a curious mix of blood lust and physical pleasure. Even though we expect them to have perfect bodies, beyond the physical attraction, the female factor of the preternatural domain remains very much a mystery.

Vampires are 300 years old in Western literature, and female vampires have featured in fiction for nearly as long, so why have female vampires not enriched our mystic lore as much as the male vampire? Over the centuries, how have female vampires managed to captivate our minds so much but keep their deep and dark sexual secrets from us?

Sexual Equality

It seems there is very little equality in the immortal world, because when it comes to female vampires in literature, there are few strong characters to grace the pages of fiction. In the classic stories forming the basis of Gothic Horror, the first vampires in literature were males, the stories written by men, and appealing to an audience celebrating the vampire’s lust for a helpless woman’s blood. In recent years, the writers are women, presenting romance with supernatural themes, and targeting a female audience, so most vampires remain male. It’s not difficult to guess why the male vampire is so popular, when a powerful male character, representing unbound sexual potential appeals to men, who want to be that bad boy, and women wanting to find and attain eternal love through the perfect partner.

If we have to blame one factor on the diminution of the female vampire, it is the powerful force of film. Cinematography molded the vampire of the 20th century like no other media. Words once sufficed to contrive an image in our minds, but with the motion picture we saw the vampire for the first time, and fell in love with this creature of the night. In the beginning, there was only a male vampire, but as movies reinterpreted the theme of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” female vampires appeared and took on the mantel of servant. These eternal females claim wife status, yet they are less than the male in all aspects, including their supernatural properties.

Vampire Wives

With a vampire male as the main immortal being, any female vampires present in a story suffer relegation in their minor supporting roles. The female qualities considered weaknesses of us humans, likewise plague the female vampire. She acts less capable, or easily falls victim to the wiles of a male vampire. She is weaker, and in some cases so weak, as to be easily controlled or destroyed by human hunters. I only ask—why? For me, the same properties of immortality are necessarily found in the vampire whether they are male or female, so both genders should possess the same or comparable powers.

There is a measure of sexual inequality for the way most female vampires are portrayed as lesser beings compared to any male vampire. It seems almost degrading the way they fawn after their male counterparts, and if their behavior is not completely servile, there is a certain palpable fear the female vampire expresses in the presence of a supposedly more powerful male. These irresistible, immortal beauties have only their sexuality to offer, and their sexual appetites are insatiable, but with limitations to their vampire nature, the eternal females of night become ever more mysterious.

Female Control

I personally believe it is about time the female vampire emerged from the shadows so we can fully appreciate her majesty. The process is not intended to divest the female vampire of any mystery endowed her over the centuries, because part of a woman’s allure rests in her powers of intrigue. In revealing the female vampire, I wish to tear away any vestiges of weaknesses cast upon her as a result of her gender. Yes, she is female, and she is so perfect a specimen to personify the mistress of every pleasure sensation, but we cannot forget, she remains a supernatural female.

When we fantasize about the vampire female, we depict her with a soft, curved figure, a seductive walk, and a delicate touch, but these are all aspects of her physical manifestation. What we see of the female vampire is only a part of her powers to seduce, powers to make us her willing victims. But we are not her only victims. Her charm would also captivate the male vampire and hold him in awe long enough for her to take him under her control.

Vampire Sexual Secrets

In my novel, female vampires are all-powerful, and due to their abilities, wield more power than the males. Through their sexuality, the female vampires control the forces of nature, and therefore command great respect. Using special sexual techniques, the male vampire can liberate her power to use for himself, and thereby assumes command of the natural world through her. The easiest way for him to demonstrate any real power is during the sex he has with females. His seduction of the female vampire, is the key to his supremacy over all other males.

Endowed with super-human strength, my female vampires are not fearful of anything other than another vampire female. The most powerful females are those mortal women who married a male vampire and changed into an immortal. The vampire marriage ritual transforms the human into a perfect creature, and modifies her love for him into her supernatural powers. The more women a male vampire marries, the more female power he has access to. In my novel, wives of the vampire are not weak, subordinates to their vampire husband.

By why are my females so powerful? I believe it is vital for the vampire species. Vampires capable of supernatural feats, and demonstrating this power over us, create in our imagination a force we find compelling. A powerful female vampire makes for a powerful male, and our vampires must be more powerful than us if our vampire fantasies will continue to thrive.

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