By Suzanne Carré

Vampires have seduced us since the concept of the modern vampire reached Western Europe in the 1700′s. Of all our fanciful creatures, vampires represent some of the most intriguing aspects of the supernatural, from immortality to unlimited sexual drive, making them so alluring. Vampire are perceptible, in the way we can replicate their look, yet the true vampire remains tantalizingly elusive.

But this time I don’t want to discuss the way the vampire has stimulated our imagination, such that our dreams have fangs, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. This time I’m looking at the seduction techniques used by vampires to attract either a mate or a meal.

Due to a question by one of my readers, I will start with the way a male vampire seduces a female. He uses a different approach for a mortal woman compared to a female vampire, where the female vampire commands respect due to her power. Also it matters whether the male is solely looking for sustenance or he has love on his mind.

Bad Boys of the Preternatural Domain

We often depict male vampires as sexy beasts, magnificent specimens with perfect male attributes, and an irresistible sexual potential too intense to deny. Since the inception of the modern vampire myth, in the early 1700′s, where a man returns from the grave to tempt a maiden to join him, male vampires have long been the masters of seduction.

In the various games vampires play, the male vampire demonstrates confidence in his seductive approaches that distinguishes him among all other creatures of the night. And this confidence is first discernible from their eyes, as with one look, the vampire captivates their intended target. Unlike a man, who anticipates his eye contact will attract attention, the vampire male has no doubts regarding the effectiveness of his gaze. The human female regards his determined focus to imply his sole interest in her, and only her. This first advance by the male vampire, is one seduction technique humans cannot resist.

So the male vampire has his eyes locked on a woman, keeping her entranced with his concentration. But he must work quickly, at this stage, or risk having his look of entrapment fade with her anticipation.

Lust for Blood

In vampire lore, the primary reason for seducing a human, especially a woman, has been to satisfy that basic craving for food. Vampires sup upon blood, fresh from our necks, so we have the tantalizing imagery of the vampire subduing his victim, curling back his lips to bare his fangs, and then plunging his elongated canines into the exposed flesh of her tense neck. The thought both chills and excites us.

But the vampire bite requires a prelude, a preparative kiss to flush the skin and engorge the veins. Given the delicate balance of the seducing look, where it fades with time, and also needs a touch to cement its holding power, the vampire now seeks to keep the female rapt with his presence. He uses physical contact but without endangering her interest in him, because too intense a touch might shock her into an awareness of his intentions.

As with all predators, the vampire approaches his prey with determination, to prevent his victim from detaching from his will. While the struggle of a frightened victim during the embrace improves the flavor of the blood, the vampire gains more intense satisfaction from blood enhanced with lust. To keep her entranced, a simple brush of the cheeks with his fingers will not break eye contact, but a kiss requires more consideration.

To maintain her receptivity, vampires prefer a variation on the virgin kiss. Offering the lips to their intended, without the insistence to accept, prevents the kiss from distracting the vampire’s victim. When accepting, the vampire can offer any of the vampire sexual kisses to entice before wandering to the neck. To the vampires, the bite is the ultimate kiss, a true lust kiss, so the pressure of the lips to the neck during the preparation to the bite serves to dull the sensation of the fangs. This ensures the victim encourages the vampire to continue until he’s attained his fill.

Dream Lover

Then there is the most effective seduction of all – in our minds. We will the vampire in our dreams, expecting the embrace of the vampire while we sleep. The pure seduction of the vampire makes him irresistible to our desires, and we don’t refuse the intensity of his presence in our imaginations. In classic vampire films, the perfect engagement between vampire and the brooding heroine takes place in her boudoir, in the dead of night.

She twists and turns in her sleep, struggling against her confining nightwear, and with bated breath, she summons the vampire to her bedside. She pulls at the restrictive neckline of her clothing, and exposes her neck to her nocturnal lover. The vampire accepts the invitation to join her, and slips between the sheets to realize their profane union. With the giving of his bite, he inspires her erotic dreams, encouraging her to welcome his return each evening.

Love Games

The vampire is usually male, and for all our association with the beast of the night, we imagine him in need of love. So he seeks the true love of his heart and consummates his unholy matrimony with a bite. The taking of her blood, the acceptance of his, the mingling of mortal and immortal to blend a new entity— his wife. The function of his fangs becomes more than just a means of conveying life’s fluid, they are sacred vessels transferring the very essence of a human soul.

When seeking love, the seduction techniques of the vampire alter to allow a form of courtship. While vampire courting has very little resemblance to our own, it serve a crucial purpose not needed in the hunting of a human for food only. With the necessity of love, the vampire now requires intimacy with his intended, and do this he must establish a level of trust.

In the vampire manuals of love, the gaining of trust is essential for the private sex shared between vampire lovers. To ensure he seals her love for him, to create a perfect bond in vampire marriage, and attain eternal love together, the male vampire must not treat his beloved as simply a meal. If he neglects to respect her in this matter, she may not truly love him when the bite transforms her into a new entity endowed with supernatural powers – a vampire wife. If this happens, not only is his happiness in jeopardy, but his very existence may be in peril, when due to her conversion, she is more powerful than him.

Vampire Style

The seduction of human quarry by a male vampire requires a measure of tact in his approach. This is not necessary when he seeks a female vampire. She recognizes him as a vampire, and consequently, he doesn’t require the reserve he displayed with a mortal. The female vampire is also a hunter for blood, and if he intends to gain from her, he has more success with the offer of sexual pleasure than to admit his preference for simply feeding.

Vampires need sex during the feeding ritual, where the bite and sex are linked, when blood excites the vampire and the sexual conclusion temporarily satisfies their hunger. To gain the most from a female vampire, the male makes her aware of his sexual appetite with clearly defined intentions, so the longer he remains with her, the more access he has to her neck to feed.

Vampire Sex-Goddesses

Female vampires have one main advantage over their male counterparts – they rarely seek love interests with the humans they feed from. The main reason is the shape of their fangs, being designed for easy extraction of blood, so female vampires tend not to suffer the emotional attachment caused by the sensitivity of their fangs during the bite. This freedom from love impacts on the way the female vampire approaches a human and seduces her victim.

Seeing the human population in terms of food only, without the option of romance, governs the way the female vampire hunts. She uses a more direct approach to male humans happy to engage with a female eager to offer sensual gratification in order to satisfy her blood lust. Before they know it, the intense physical pleasure of their embrace, mingled with the sensuality of the kiss associated with the bite, has the human victim providing exactly what the female vampire wants.

And when the population dwindles in the early hours of the night, the female vampire seduces her victims in their sleep. Like her male equivalent, she alters the dream of the intended donor to invite for her kiss, to yield to her bite. Like the male vampire, she is also seeking sex with her seduced partner. But unlike the male vampire, the female hunter will take from the sleeper what she wills, but she rarely if ever arranges the dreams to welcome her return. The female vampire is not satisfied with the blood of only one human, and her lack of emotion means she considers the donor as nothing more than a source of food.

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