By Suzanne Carré

It’s finally here, after many delays and disappointments and several setbacks, but my novel—Vampire Sexual Secrets—is finally a tangible reality. As the title suggests, the book contains sexual secrets, but not about human sex—oh, no, that’s far too boring—here we will concentrate on what vampires do between the sheets after midnight.

So, the question is into what genre does the novel fall? While the novel is definitely about vampires, and is an erotic romance, the story also details the sexual awakening of my main character.  I have been asked whether the book is also science fiction, but with the necessity that fictional science requires a certain amount of science in it, I personally don’t think there is enough science (biology in this case) to cover the criteria.

My novel follows the relationship formed between a chosen mortal and her male vampire lover in the  pursuit of her destiny to enter his world of the supernatural. To prepare her transformation from human to vampire, he uses the written instructions on vampire love and sex to teach her all the pleasures known only to his kind. While most erotic novels contain one or more sex scenes (because in our world the sex is almost predictable), my novel contains more sex scenes than it has chapters, and that doesn’t include discussions on sex or many of the described lessons.

The reason why the novel works with so much sex is simple—it’s vampire sex so it’s all so different and you’ve probably never heard anything like it before. And to answer the question—why so much sex—then I argue that each scene or description is important, distinctive, included because it is vampire in practice, and necessary for the plot and development of the characters? It is a challenge to write about sex which is integral to the storyline so whether this novel reaches this aspired ideal is something you as a reader will have to decide.

Because this is a book about the sexy secrets of preternatural vampires, then for all those who are into blood, death, and sex (but not necessarily in that order) this is one story you might find appealing.

Or, if you have the conviction there is something definitely wrong with human sex, but you’re not sure what—then you might want to read on.