By Suzanne Carré

We are told if you want to know if he loves you so—it’s in his kiss. Or so the well loved song tell us…

Romance starts with a kiss. The kiss is usually our first sexual experience. With a kiss we tend to gauge the seriousness of a relationship. In bedtime stories, magic spells cast by wicked witches are broken with the power of love’s true kiss. And regardless of how the kiss is seen, sexual betrayal needs no more proof than to be caught in a compromising kiss. Yes, the kiss is the marker of love, appetizer for sex, and defines our relationships. With so much of our sex lives depending on the kiss, it makes sense then to make a point of two pairs of lips making contact and to hone our skills in puckering those lips.

A kiss is still a kiss

It may be to us but vampires see the kiss very differently. Where we tend to consider the oral treat to entice and prepare for sex, vampires see the kiss for enhancement and as a pleasure for relaxing between bouts of intense sensual gratification. To vampires, the kiss is not simply the connection of  lips but a repertoire of techniques used for enhancing their sexual experiences, primarily to guarantee the erotic response of their partner.

Since vampires are fixed on achieving pleasure, the conclusion requires the stimulation will successfully yield the intended result. To ensure their partner will achieve, no matter the sexual activity engaged in, the various kissing techniques are used to provide all the right sensations.

Vampires also rely on kissing to gain pleasure when the body is weary of the excitation or effort required. Kissing for the vampires often replaces sex when the latter pursuit has rocketed the body to exhaustion delaying any further physical activity. In my novel Vampire Sexual Secrets, Vincent introduces the vampire kisses to his lover Marie as a way of rekindling the excitement in between sessions of lovemaking. She soon learns the kiss of vampires has many more uses.

In this series, I will discuss the variations of the kiss as recorded in the vampire manuals of love and give you a how-to so you can experience the vampire way of kissing in your life. Most vampire oral pleasuring is possible with standard human anatomy but those that require a vampire, I will include in the list for completeness and just for interest.

So kiss on…

To make it easier to follow, I will look at each oral technique in groups of related kisses because the list of kissing techniques practiced by vampires is long and complicated (but definitely a lot of fun):

  • the lust kisses—a group of intense kissing techniques requiring vampire anatomy.

To make it easy, I’ll start with the simplest kissing techniques and work up to the humanly impossible. So follow this series and prepare your lips for a very different vampire experience.

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