By Suzanne Carré

If there is any one activity to define vampire behavior then this is the bite. And to accomplish the bite, the essential equipment of the vampire is their fangs.  It’s what makes vampires so alluring, and gets our hearts racing when we think of the moment when those sharp, over-sized canines pierce the flesh—and the vampire feeds—draining the victim’s precious life-giving fluid. The foreplay to the bite is the almost breathless, lascivious stare of the vampire, undressing their incredulous victim with their bated anticipation, before they strike. Oh, it’s all so exciting! But that’s not enough. I want more. I want more about the most important vampire ritual of extracting blood.

So, now it’s time to get personal. The novel Vampire Sexual Secrets treats the bite with due respect for its importance to vampire sustenance but details several aspects of the bite process seldom discussed, particularly the function of fangs.

  • There is an approach to the bite, because it is classified as the ultimate kiss, to prepare the one receiving the bite and ensure they pleasure in the experience.
  • There are preferences to the style of the interaction defining not only the individual vampire but also their gender, when the fangs of males and females have distinct morphology and design specificity.
  • There is the actual bite, the participation in the bite being in itself highly erotic; the sexual impulse forming a drive more irresistible than hunger. The extraction of the blood itself has an immediate affect on the vampire caused by the quality and source.
  • The sexual consequences initiating the bite also form an important controlling mechanism, not only delaying the process and modulating the extraction, but preventing the vampire gorging during any one feed.
  • Finally, there is the effect on the one who received and how the whole process leaves them.

All these points deserve there own discussions so please return so I can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about vampire biting but was afraid to ask.

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