By Suzanne Carré


So far in this series, I have looked at the various vampire sexual pleasures resembling the bedroom activities we associate with foreplay. Most sexual activity engaged by vampires has a human equivalent, the technique defining the act as vampire in charac­ter, and this is mainly due to a physical likeness of the vampire to us. This time, I want to look at one vampire practice that has no counterpart in human sexuality, but is special because it has uses associated with the non-sexual embrace through all methods of arousal including enhancing sexual intercourse.


Vampire sexuality is far richer than our own because of the way it focuses to the sensations of the body, to unleash the sexual potential, and allow the individual to gain so much more from every encounter. One simple way of accomplishing this is with the loving pair coupled in vampire comfort. Known to vampires as the ultimate hug, comfort resembles coitus, with one strict rule of absolutely no excitation. A pair in comfort look calm and focused to each other, not vigorously attaining their own sexual bliss.


Vampire Comfort


Vampire comfort is used by vampires for relaxing in the arms of their lover, gaining a physical way to demonstrate their love. It provides a very private arrangement for the couple to talk intimately. While in the embrace, the pair experience an awakening of their perception in the mind and body because they become very aware of each other. The embrace is good for grounding emotions, and it has a very soothing effect. From personal experience, I believe this is a consequence of the closeness this extraordinary hug creates.


When used before sex, vampire comfort enhances the sensations of foreplay, especially while kissing, and helps prepare the lovers for the stimulation of intercourse. During sex, comfort offers a break to the exertion, allowing a rest but sustaining the arousal built up to by that stage. Post-coital use makes vampire comfort the ultimate way to sleep, still entwined, so the lovers don’t wake alone.


If performed vampire style, comfort has as many variations in the way a couple joins, as there are sexual positions. Since vampire males have full conscious control of their erections, the choice of posture to assume for comfort in is unlimited. It also means that vampires can assume any position together to sleep in comfort. Human anatomy however, demands a few simple modifications to make it work for us.


Human Style


Like any other sexual technique, vampire comfort requires some preparation. Regardless that there is no pursuit of physical pleasure, comfort is possibly the finest lovemaking technique, in that it demands complete restraint. More than just a test of trust and respect, comfort sacrifices sensual gratification for a higher plane of intimacy. It is then something both must want to engage in, even if it is only for a little time, because comfort does require a certain state of mind.


A little foreplay is called for to ensure she is relaxed, and lubricated sufficiently to accept him, and he has gained a serviceable erection. The objective of vampire comfort is for the man to insert his penis into his partner’s vagina, and then do nothing more than embrace her. Most importantly, he must not move to excite. To guarantee that once together in comfort, there is no need for stimulation to maintain his erection, even with the slightest movements, the best positions to assume are female superior.


Having the woman on top allows the couple to either sit or recline together, with the woman facing her lover, or nestled in his arms. Comforting can take hours, so to ease her weight over him, it is best for her to rest on her knees, while sitting, and also support her body on her forearms when resting over him. It is easy to fall asleep in comfort so it helps to assume a posture suitable for long periods of inactivity.


The important thing is to relax together. Once embraced, it is necessary to focus on your partner’s emotional needs, addressing your shared feelings, and letting your bodies just become a convenient way to merge as one with your lover. Women might find this easier than men, so if comfort proves too frustrating, it’s good practice to extend the lovemaking session with comfort, to appreciate the benefits of this coupling until engaging in comfort does not arouse sexual feelings at all.


Sex Or Not Sex?


Vampires use comfort in more diverse situations other than sustaining their romance or spicing up their sexual appetite. Primarily because to vampires, comfort is strictly not a sexual act despite the sexual nature of their connection. It challenges how we define sex, and focuses on the meaning of sex for vampires. Sex for vampires is first in the mind, where sex is sought for and controlled in the mind, so it makes little difference to their concept of sex if the couple are locked in ecstatic union. The body is a way to share sex, giving and receiving pleasure sensations using the body to experience pure physical sex.


The key to what is sex for vampires is then the exchange of pleasure, to excite and arouse their partner, achieving mutual sexual satisfaction. Vampire comfort does the exact opposite to sex, where the necessity of joining in comfort is to calm the mind, relax the body, and achieve this tranquil state in their partner. If anything comfort is a love technique, using the body to experience all the delicate feelings in pure emotional love.


Uses of Comfort


Comfort is a very personal hug, but it has the convenience of not requiring the couple naked or in bed. The vampire hug is so unassuming, it is fun to comfort on the sofa to watch television. It then provides an embrace suitable for addressing the most intense emotions of a relationship, while also giving the physical reassurance not possible in a simple hold. Possibly the most important use of comfort, is the mood this special hugs creates to allow for deep and meaningful conversations between lovers.


When used in foreplay, comfort tends to enhance sensations, improving the effects of the vampire kissing techniques. In the manuals of love penned by the vampires, comfort features as a preliminary before coitus increasing the receptivity of the woman by giving her body “time to relax and acquaint to the presence of her male” partner. The commencement to sexual excitation then is dictated by the female, since he waits for her signal. Sex in the preternatural domain is then female controlled, and rightly so when females rule in sex.


Not only does the wait before excitement in comfort increase desire, it also serves to prolong a lovemaking session. Comfort sustains the male capacity for hours, but also avoids the interruption by preventing a separation of the lovers. Elongating a sexual romp not only finds a use for comfort as a pause to build excitement, but in post-coital rest, comfort also maintains the arousal allowing for more than one male orgasm.


For all it’s uses, comfort does one important thing, it blurs the boundaries of sex, making it difficult to say what is and is not sexual. For vampire sex, comfort obscures the beginning of sex, when even before kissing, the couple are linked physically. So next time there will be more games vampires play in bed, exploring all sensations before the actual sex begins.