By Suzanne Carré


Last time I looked at ways vampires confirm affection within their relationships, particularly considering the function of various kissing techniques. Using the lips form part of vampire bedroom arts, essential in their pursuit of love balanced in harmony with sex. Beyond the kiss, whether confined to the lips or for exploring the body, vampires also enjoy a diverse range of oral sex pleasures.


The adventures of bedroom love games played by vampires are extensive. This time I will examine some of the touching techniques used to enhance the vampire sexual appetite. Contact for vampires can be simply a stroke with the fingertips, evolving to complex personal touches involving more than the hands, with uses from simple greetings through to increasing the pleasure sensations during lovemaking.


Fondling Makes the Heart Grow Fonder


Touch is very important to vampires. They are extremely sensitive creatures, acutely aware of every inch of their skin. Beyond the pleasant physical sensations derived from the caress, fondling plays the roll similar to kissing, reinforcing the bond of lovers by proving they care. While such offerings might be understood as an invitation to sex in our world, to vampires their sexual culture does not recognize the assumptions of sex. When vampires share the caress, it is to reassure their partner physically, providing a true grounding for their emotions.


Fondling is usually thought of as requiring the hands, yet vampires do not restrict their touch. Caressing with the face, not only cheek to cheek but pressing the face to all parts of the body, works to break the lip work in combination with the wandering kisses. The greeting of two vampire lovers resembles a gentle tussle in bed, as they freely rub and press their naked bodies together. Their behavior never means sex, remaining self-limited to an enthusiastic welcome irrespective of how often they interact. Love is essential to vampires, so celebrating their love by embracing adds a greater dimension to their feelings.


Vampire Body Image


Vampires do not see the body sexually in the same way we do. We tend to concentrate on the erogenous zones, particularly the breasts and genitals. While the vampires agree the nice parts are attractive providing the focus in sexual intercourse, they are not concentrated upon, as the final stage of sexual activity. The vampire body has many zones that are very sensitive, counted equally to the sexual organs. The hands, particularly the fingers, gives full sensation of the penis for the male. The female experiences similar sensory perception as her vagina, especially between her fingers. The exquisite perception of vampire fingers changes the dynamic of sexual verses non-sexual. To address these problems, vampires have rules to govern what touches are inviting and those that are part of the play.


To prevent confusion, ensuring the messages are not misinterpreted, vampires use certain caresses to ask for sex. This code allows the lovers complete freedom to enjoy their bodies without breaking the relaxing atmosphere of their love play. Vampires are very sexy beasts, yet the physical pleasures of the embrace satisfies their intimacy completely, and then are considered far too precious to compromise with a caress construed to pressure their partner into sex. Naked in a vampire bed forms part of their sexual rights, the rules for love dictating the reasons for sex.


Vampires need sex, for them sex is more than just a source of sensual gratification, so it must be wanted by both lovers to gain the true meaning of sex. Lovers in a vampire bed are protected by the rules of private sex, where they can trust their partner, sharing pure respect.


Nipples and Breasts


The breasts of both sexes are treated equally by vampires. While the rounded form of female breasts steals the attention in our world, the male’s breasts have significance to vampires, being important in the arousal process and their own stimulation. Vampires see the breasts in their sexual role, not for reproduction, so the female breasts are appreciated for their bulk and softness in attaining sexual pleasure. In the vampire sexual culture, the breast guard the heart, they are then significant in the play of love. The nipples of the breasts are then symbolic of the love shared.


The vampire wife is the only female to touch her husband on his chest, and he acknowledges her wife status by returning the exclusive caresses to her breasts. If they have multiple lovers, then the privilege of the breast caress is given to the most favorite love. Again, to give freedom to the touch without denying the seduction, there are special ways to titillate the breasts inviting for serious sex shared only between bonded vampires.


Males always stimulate the female breasts by holding them to lift their bulk, never to squash the breasts to the body. This allows him to manipulate their softness in his hands, while caressing the nipples with his thumbs, so making it easier to accept her breasts in his mouth. When he approaches her from behind, he picks up her breasts from the sides, working her bulk inwards with his hands. Once the introduction is made, the male has the freedom of playing with her breasts, as he sees fit to pleasure her.


Her caress to his breasts, declaring her sexual appetite, is opposite his. The male breasts receive the fingers from the middle of his chest out, her fingers following the outline in his muscular form. When she does this, she makes a simple proclamation, how this male is all hers, and within the intimacy of their sex just for fun, he is exclusively hers. She also has the benefits of her breasts to excite his. After lubricating the nipples with saliva, rolling her erect nipples across his, her breasts being easy to manipulate over his chest.


Finger Play


If there is a purely vampire technique without any comparison in human sexuality, it is the stimulation of the female using a finger game designed specifically to encourage the vaginal muscles to grip tightly. With little practice, this vampire game achieves what the pelvic exercises do, but this time with the advantage you are in the arms of your lover. This vampire game is meant for the lovers to share during foreplay, to excite and prepare the couple sexually.


Vampires prefer to use only one finger at a time to excite the female. The reason is simple, fingers are not symmetrical, their uneven bulk believed to cause stress in the vagina. Vampires believe a relaxed female will respond sexually to orgasm, but if her vagina experiences any stress, her satisfaction suffers delay or sacrifice. If stimulation other than with the fingers is necessary, the penis, or an artificial substitute for the penis, expands the female opening appropriately. In the finger play game, the strict rule of one finger is not compromised.


Begin by lubricating all the fingers of one hand, the preference is for saliva. Which hand is used depends on how the lovers rest together, in the embrace while they exchange kisses. The first finger to use is the smallest, vampires always start the play with the thinnest finger. The action of the fingers is a simple stab, the duration is short, and the finger removed completely before the next finger on the hand replaces it. From the pinkie, the ring finger follows, with middle and finally index in turn. When face-to-face, the use of the thumb might prove awkward in this finger exchange, and is not necessary here. Once the index is removed, the sequence reverses to return each finger in turn back to the smallest.


With a sliding of one finger after the next, a little practice allows the technique to be a smooth flowing exchange of digits. The interchange of one finger to the next continues until the couple are ready to move to other forms of stimulation. The effect of vampire finger play becomes apparent after only a few strokes of the fingers. By working the fingers in succession, removing them completely in turn, this encourages the vaginal muscles to pull on the finger, providing a sucking sensation, inspiring the pair to engage in coitus.


Vampires use the finger play to tone her muscles, keeping them firm and responsive, ensuring her entrance resists his intrusion. The vampires know the more tight the opening, the more effective the friction during sex, increasing sensations for both. While the finger game prepares the vagina for intercourse, by itself it does not teach the female to grip and stimulate her partner to orgasm by using her muscles alone. The vampires have other bedroom entertainments to refine the vaginal grip, allowing the female to squeeze her partner to pleasure. These will follow the section on sexual intercourse vampire style. But before then, there are more vampire sex games to play, so relax in bed and enjoy.