By Suzanne Carré

To celebrate this time of year, with love in the air for Valentine’s Day, and in recognition of my novel being a love story, Maxwell the Demon of interviewed me to find out answers to all those intriguing questions I’m sure you’ve always wanted to know, but was afraid to ask. As an intrepid denizen of the shadowy worlds, he fearlessly delved into the dark recesses of my mind.

Below is an extract of that interview, the full transcript can be found here.

What can you tell us about yourself, personally and as an author, that your readers don’t already know

“I’ll tell you a secret: I got bit (metaphorically speaking) by a vampire at a very early age, when one invaded my dreams. He scared me so much I sat up for the next few nights, with the lights on, but to no avail when I imagined him watching me in the shadows. After losing so much sleep, I settled on a compromise, deciding to be friends, so at least he’ll go away. I was an innocent 13 years old, hadn’t even been kissed by that stage, heard of vampires but didn’t have a fixed concept of them, only to discover the full depth of my emerging hormones.

“I’ve had dreams about sexy vampires ever since, giving me an extensive range of material to write about. My fanged dreams are not nightmares, in fact full on orgies, so I have one disadvantage in that I just can’t write horror no matter what my vampires get up to.”

But you might ask, if I love vampires so much, how could the first vampire I “met” frighten me to such extent? The restraints of the interview didn’t allow for more detail, so I will reveal the circumstances I found myself in to explain this. I had silly, innocent dreams to that point, but regardless that I dreamed in color, this was the only aspect to my dreams that made them in some way “life-like.”

That all changed on this particular night, when this vampire appeared, because I dreamed of him climbing into bed with me, only he was stark naked, a fully grown man, and yes, he was very well-developed. If that wasn’t enough of a shock for an innocent, who only just turned 13, then the realism of his appearance certainly was—for the first time I could feel sensations in my sleep, making me very aware of the texture of his warm, sensual skin.

All my senses activated spontaneously, so I could smell the fragrant rub he applied to his body, and the mouthwash he used to mask his breath. To confirm our “friendship,” when I finally agreed to allow him under the covers with me, he offered a kiss and although I failed to respond appropriately, having no prior experience, I welcomed his approach when I tasted the sweet rose water imbued in the moisture of his mouth.

It is well known how dreaming patterns can change suddenly and dramatically, but for me it was the lack of warning that impressed me to such a level that I believed this vampire real, until of course I woke up. I am indebted to him for this marvelous awakening of my subconscious, and as my sexual experience accumulated, so to the exquisite perception of my sexual activity with these sexy beasts of the preternatural domain. When I mix fangs and sex in my nocturnal imaginations, then they are very graphic erotic dreams, complete with full pleasure sensations, and they get better every night. This is the reason I don’t consider vampires in my dreams to be filled with horror, not when the hot sex after midnight is just so good.

Why write about sex? More specifically, why write about vampire sex?You’ve described this before on your website—have your opinions changed?

“Sex is such a wonderful subject, which I believe needs more said about it, to break down barriers and liberate our minds. This of course makes it very difficult in a human context, because it is very personal dealing with something that close to our comfort zone. The beautiful part about vampires is, they look like us (so much so my vampires have compatible bodies to ours), they are intelligent creatures (so they can communicate their sexuality), and they are naturally erotic (avoiding the necessity of explaining this to the reader).

“I used the presence of vampires in my novel to great effect, comparing human sex with the sex practices of vampires, and in the process examining the properties of sex in ways not possible in a purely human relationship. As I have stated on my website, the vampire proved to be the only non-human entity to believably participate in a full sexual affair, complete with romance, without bordering on perversions that prevent the situation from working in the fiction.”

My intimacy with vampires has granted me a window to the meaning of sex that I could little gain from other sources, giving my erotica a greater dimension. No matter the sex, I have fallen in love with vampires, and I hope my affection remains an expression of their eternal love.