By Suzanne Carré

In this series I have looked at the uses of vampire private sex for improving the sexual experience of two vampire lovers. It doesn’t matter the level of intimacy shared because the rules for private sex ensure the satisfaction of the couple. Sex for pleasure, termed fun sex is very important to vampires because seeking sex and attaining physical pleasure provides meaning to their supernatural existence.

The highest level of sex just for fun is reserved for the most intimate lover. Vampires tend to have multiple lovers, called favorites, but they choose at least one with whom there is no restriction for the type of stimulation they conduct together. This very special form of fun sex is known to the vampires as serious sex.

The serious pursuit of sex covers every conceivable form of sexual activity. There are no rules to serious sex except to respect and trust each other. Under the protection of private sex, the vampire lovers have instructions in their lovemaking manuals for unlimited sexual pleasure experienced by immortals forever.

The Meaning of Sex

To vampires, sex is more than just fun, and more than just pure physical pleasure. Sex to vampires has meaning. The sharing of certain sexual pleasures with only their special lover gives a definition to sex we associate with love. The expressions (what we call positions) of vampire sex have various benefits, associated with the achievement of sensual gratification, and techniques to improve the whole lovemaking process. The freedom, within the bounds of private sex, for vampires to explore their sexuality in all levels of preference and need. Finally, vampires extend beyond the mortal plane and share the intensity of psychic sex through the exchange of emotional energy. For vampires, sex is more than just obtaining a quick fix to their sexual frustration.

So how do vampires ensure that every moment, in every sexual act, remains meaningful?

Expressions in Lovemaking

We have an obsession to know every possible orientation for sexual union. Our sexual manuals tend to focus on the physical connection as a means of adding excitement. But vampires don’t see the sexual positions as the source of arousal. How the vampires couple is important when considering the full advantage of the expressions. Vampire expressions are a combination of posture, movements, and fondling. The vampires value an expression by the freedom the coupling gives to the lovers to share the thrusts (since there are no dominate partners in vampire sex), and ease of access for touching.

Face-to-face positions have the advantages of sharing movement and allow the couple to caress. Vampires particularly favor the more classic style of male superior but they do this for reasons unrelated to our patriarchal mores. For vampires, the male protects the female by covering her body, not from voyeurs, but to prevent her psychic energy escaping during sex. The benefit to him is controlling her energy, now amplified by him, and knowing when to heighten her response and increase his pleasure. One other difference with us is the position of his legs—for vampires it is rare for him to have both his legs between hers. Vampires do not recognize our “missionary style” at all, least not because she just lies there.

Vampire Style

Just because vampires choose the same sex postures each time they couple, doesn’t mean that is all there is to their sexual appetites. Arousal, and working towards climax, is a process of exchanging the movements in sex—and vampires recognize seven such types of excitation. And why do the vampires call the thrust of sex, the movements? Because for vampires the stimulation is not male-dominated pelvic action. In vampire sex, the movements are shared and reciprocated.

Kissing is also very important to vampires, especially the ultimate kiss being the bite, and they use oral techniques to accelerate and maintain the level of sexual pleasure. Vampires consider certain parts of the body more sexy than the rest. We do the same, but our choice is not to focus on erogenous zones more than what society says are the sexy bits. For vampires, it is not a point to cover the whole body so you don’t neglect one part, but working from a sensitive area to a less sexy area is for arousal building. Knowing when and how forms part of the sexual secrets the vampires value.

Sensations need to be modulated, that is have a rhythm with some highs, mostly mediums and some lows. Consider a syncopated piece of music. Close our eyes and our bodies will rock to the beat. Listen to the tune and we start to sing. Why does it work? Because our minds really dig musical rhythm and guess what, the same works with sex. We all want to hit that perfect note, every time, so work with an extended-version of our favorite song. Remember, the piece doesn’t have all notes playing at the same monotonous tone.

In vampire sex, the modulation is a combination of movements, caresses, and kissing techniques. The vampire manuals advise to listen to your partner, for any signals indicating arousal. A gasp, or change in breathing, is evidence of discovering a nice spot but don’t stay there too long. Migrate the lips or hands to a less exciting zone and return in slow steps. If the positive response is from a change in movement, slow the pace to regulate the sensation. Essentially, when working towards mutual pleasure, the vampires know that the couple must sustain the stimulation. If the sensations peak, and threshold, then the orgasm arrives too soon.

Avoid the temptation to use the sweet spot for accelerating the pleasure. It won’t. Our bodies have an escape mechanism for threatening stimulation, and yes intense sex is in that category, so the body will stop responding. For women, this can mean losing all feelings and not gaining from the sexual experience at all. With a little vampire wisdom, this problem can be avoided.

The amazing part of us humans, as a species, is we’ve been evolving for what—3 million odd years—and we still haven’t got the joke about sex. We want our sexual encounters to last beyond 20 minutes, we want our orgasms to last for hours (and even longer), and we want to feel our climax rocket from the soles of our feet and catapult through our brains—but, and this is the real weird part—we neglect our bodies in this process. Sex is not virtual unless you do it completely on your computer in a second life. Sex, the old fashioned way, requires your body to interact with another persons body, and the trick is to appreciate the sensitivity of our marvelous nervous system. Target the really sensitive parts, and the body will crave relief, usually at the expense of the sexual pleasure we were hoping for.

Sexual Bliss

Vampires do not consider the route to orgasm a straight path of increasing sensations. For vampires, the summit is reached by attaining several levels of sexual excitation. The more times the couple can achieve these intermediate levels, and the longer they maintain the arousal, the longer the sex act, and the more powerful the orgasm. Vampires strive to elongate the sexual process for as long as their minds and bodies can stand it. Being sexy beasts of the preternatural domain, vampires can withstand quite a bit of stimulation, much more than our frail structure can cope with.

Extending the build of sensations in the pre-orgasm period to grueling lengths is a vampire sexual technique. Sustaining the crest of orgasm until the body collapses is a highly desirable conclusion to vampire serious sex. But the orgasm is not the end of sex, its just one of the stages. Reversing the levels used to climb in pleasure, but now during the post-coital lassitude, to bring the body slowly to a neutral state, is a vampire skill designed to prolong the climax. Since vampire males are capable of multiple orgasm, they prefer to relax their partner in vampire comfort. It doesn’t matter if their limbs are still shaking, their breath has still escaped their bodies—vampires don’t stop and celebrate their achievement in sex—they want more.

So why this intensity with sex? The benefits of sex to vampires follows from here.