Psychic Sex

Vampires have psychic abilities and these they use to enhance their sexual experiences. The exchange of psychic energy gives the vampire an advantage beyond the restrictions of pure physical sex. Where the body has limitations, the mind is not so restrained. With a little cerebral sex, the vampires gain  level of pleasure sensations not possible via sexual stimulation alone.

There are several ways vampires can achieve psychic sex. It depends mainly on the level of physical contact they have with their partner. Projecting their psychic energy is less effective than having involving some touches designed to focus and amplify the sexual pleasure.  Here are a few examples of how vampires use psychic sex.

Virgin Kiss

The so-called Virgin kiss of the vampires is a purely psychic kiss, the exchange of energy being projected because no fondling is allowed in this psychic foreplay.

Vampire Comfort

Almost any physical contact shared between two vampires allows for a focused psychic exchange. The sex, if any takes place in the physical sense, is independent of any mind-blowing sex the vampires experience. To eliminate the necessity of physical excitation, vampires often couple in what the vampires call comfort. This embrace provides all the sensory stimulation required to direct the vampire energy during psychic sex.

Serious Sex

The combination of physical sex and psychic sex is termed serious by the vampires. It means that when the limits of regular sex are meet, the vampires can extend their sensations by using only their minds to continue the stimulation. The objective of serious sex is not only to heighten the sexual experience to levels not normally achievable but to also to extend the pleasure gained to prolong the whole lovemaking session. Vampires aim for hours but realistically, they are limited by how much excitation they can mentally contain before their thoughts overwhelm their bodies.

Group Sex

Vampires couple in pairs, usually, so with the physical orientations of sex restricting the possibilities of group sex, the vampires rely on psychic sex. Group sex is sometimes necessary for vampires and this makes psychic exchange during the sexual act almost essential. Whether the group is three vampires or many more, the use of psychic sex means that every vampire is coupled with each of the other vampires. The sex is simultaneous and paired, as if the vampire “splits” into as many partners as necessary, to couple with every other vampire available in the exchange.