Sex Toys

Bonobos, or dwarf chimpanzees, are known for their free-for-all in sex. There doesn’t seem to be any rules and no exclusions to who can have sex with whom. But specialist studying this species are hesitant to discuss one sexual habit of Bonobos—a variant of masturbation.


If ever there is danger associated with sex, it is the notorious sexual cannibalism of spiders. The Black Widow spider earns her name from the reputation of eating her mates after he’s had his way with her (well at least he got lucky—even if it’s only once). …The reasons for spiders eating the males has been debated by biologists…but most male spiders don’t agree with the naturalists, otherwise the males of several species wouldn’t bother with counter measures and stealthy tricks to evade the dinner plate. One original method used by some spiders is bondage, not only make her safe to approach, but hold his partner for as long as he wants her.