By Suzanne Carré

My novel is focused on the sexual culture of vampires. These are the the sexual secrets of the preternatural domain only speculated on—until now. The vampire wisdom on sex, accumulated throughout the ages, make up the vampire manuals of love. Comprising in part of letters, gallant conversations of love between males giving advice to their brothers and sons, and instructions on the finer points of lovemaking given from both the male and female prospective. As a body of work they cover all aspects of the relationship from the initial steps on finding a partner, especially for the vampire this means a bonding for eternal love, to the achievement of mutual pleasure in all forms of sex.

Human Versus Vampire Sex

We define lovemaking as a physical exchange, a polite euphemism for the sexual act, where there are no rules on whether love is involved or not. We restrict “mature” sexual activity to the participation of couples in sexual intercourse. We titillate our sense of adventure with variations in sexual positions, and incorporate oral sex, to spice our pleasure seeking. We think “kinky sex” will make our sex better. We create rules over what sex we can and cannot do, which more often restricts our pleasure instead of enhancing it. When you say it this way, there is not much to human sex, and the results are not very complimentary, but vampires aren’t impressed over what us mortals call sex either.

If you ask a vampire to make love to you, they will claim they can’t because love is shared, not given or done to another. Lovemaking to vampires is a non-physical exchange, where low level touching and hugging is tolerated, because love, and the sharing of love, is a purely emotional experience. Vampires use love to enhance their affection, and stabilize their intimacy, not cover their sexuality in a veil of secrecy. Sex on the other hand is very much a contact sport, designed to deliver sexual pleasure. There are rules to what you do, but only to ensure the sex is fully satisfying, because vampires believe that if you want sex, it is good sex, and then it provides the sensual gratification you’re seeking.

Trust and Respect

To vampires, sex is a rich tapestry of sensations and physical pleasures. If the technique works for you, in that it induces sexual pleasure, and it doesn’t involve pain only true sensual arousal, the vampires celebrate its use in sex. For them sex is not limited by any factor other than the imagination. To entice the sexual palate, the vampires have many suggestions in their books designed to both instruct and explore the possibilities. Since vampires learn new sexual techniques by demonstration, experimentation in sex only takes place with a partner they both trust and respect.

It is the properties of trust and respect the vampires consider essential in sex. Protecting the elements of trust and respect gives reason and necessity to the rules governing sex. These rules of sex are there only to guarantee the prime objective of sex, the satisfaction of the end-point, and make sure that both achieved the same level of pleasure. If you need sex, then you must also want the sex on offer, and not accept it in fear of missing out. With a partner you can trust sexually, then the vampires believe it will be good sex no matter the level of pleasure achieved.

Vampire classify sex according to what sensations you intend to derive, and the level of trust and respect you share with your partner. Sex is either just for fun (the largest category for sexual activity) or it is necessary for function and survival (especially for the feeding ritual). Fun sex is then divided into two categories, either private sex or public sex. Because of its importance, and the interest by my readers, this series will examine the properties and rules governing the differences between private sex and public sex of vampires.

Private Sex

The concept of private sex, as known to vampires, sadly does not exist in any human culture. If we think of privacy for sex, we think of seclusion in the wilderness—or in our homes—locking the doors, drawing the curtains, and sound-proofing the room. When we seek privacy for sex, it is to conform to the taboos of sex, not for gaining the benefits of sex.

Vampires do not suffer from shame because of their sexual needs, and never from any guilt for enjoying sex. Private sex then has absolutely nothing to do with hiding from others. Within the vampire sexual culture, private is a category describing the degrees of sexual access, and based on knowing how far you can go with your partner. A sexual act shared with someone you know is private sex. The same act with a stranger is no longer private. Provided you didn’t offended them, and they agreed with and accepted your offer of sex, then that sex act is now considered by vampires, as public sex.

There is a fine line drawn in the sand to separate private sex from public sex, but the rules are not demanding. If anything, the vampire rules for private sex are based on common sense and depend on exercising a little respect. Vampire sex is not just easy, it’s emotionally and physically rewarding.

Next I will start with the rules for private sex and how it works. To do this, I intend to look in detail at vampire fun sex. So join me please, and discover for yourself what the vampires have known for centuries.

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