Venery kiss

A true lust kiss, so named for it requires the male to use his tongue to simulate copulation with his partner’s mouth; the female in turn using her tongue to stimulate him. Highly prized  by vampire lovers.


A relative not absolute state for vampires and unrelated to the sexual history of the individual.  For males, they retain their virginity until marriage. Female vampires retain the state of virginity relative to her having sexual intercourse with a particular male for the first time. The reason for the male  considering her a virgin to him, during their first encounter, is because he cannot read her mind until after the primary sexual event.

Virgin kiss

A non-sexual promise of a kiss, where the couple poise to kiss but do not allow their lips to meet.  Used by vampires to increase anticipation.

Vital sex

Sex for vampires is necessary for the exchange of blood, making the sexual activity vital for the vampire survival, and preventing starvation.

Wandering kisses

A group of kisses using the lips to caress and explore the body of your partner. The kiss is so named for its random motion over the skin.  Wandering kisses always start from the mouth and have no agenda.

Wander with

A variation of the wandering kiss where the couple exchanges the kisses and reciprocate simultaneously.


Vampire term for any sexual cravings. (Any whimsical thoughts the vampires call wishes.) Due to the erotic nature of vampire fangs, and the drinking of blood, fresh hot human blood induces want by its flavor, especially in male vampires.

Wanting kiss

The simplest of the wet sexual kisses where the tongue is used to only excite the lips of the partner. A more sexy variety is called the hungry kiss.


The vagina. Considered by vampires as male in character and thus the active organ in coitus. To initiate sexual intercourse, the warmth eats the desire.


Vampires do not name or classify the sexual postures like we do. If referring to any combination of sexual activities, vampires group them by similarities in technique. For example, all sexual positions where the couple reclines together are classed as a “way” regardless if their variations are male- or female-superior, from behind or to the side. In vampire sex manuals, the ways of the expressions are many.


Status of a mortal female converted in vampire marriage. Wives are esteemed in the vampire world, even if divorced or abandoned because their husband perished, because they alone can channel vast quantities of influence. In the vampire world, no other vampires are more powerful than the wives.