Race the sun

A sex game played by vampire lovers in the hours just before twilight (of dawn). As the name suggests, the stimulation is vigorous and intended to bring the couple to a heightened state of arousal quickly. The idea is then to maintain the level of excitation, a technique called by the vampires as coming close.  The couple only reach a mutual summit the instant the first rays of sunlight split the horizon from the hemisphere of night.

Required sex

A group of sexual activities, including prescribed sex which define the non-erotic use of sex for emotional and physical conditioning.

Respect, way of

The rules of vampire sexual consent to allow, receive, or provide sexual conduct with or for your partner. Vampires ask for sex either verbally or with caresses to ask.

Sensing the way

Because vampires cannot see the physical body, they use touch to formulate a visual image of their partner. Used as a type of foreplay preceding any coital activity.

Serious sex

Intensive sexual techniques utilized by experienced vampire lovers, and often incorporating psychic sex to extend beyond the physical pleasure limits.

Seventh, the

A highly prized coital technique where the male uses his pelvic muscles to control his erection, retracting into an abdominal pocket, to replicate withdrawal, and pushing forward to complete the pelvic thrust. This is the seventh movement of the conversation, hence the name.

Sexual kisses

A group of sexually enticing kisses, including the nibbling kiss and wet, tongue kisses, such as the hungry kiss. Specialized and different to the lust kisses.


The rank of a harem male within the collective of vampires. As a source of sexual secretions, his role is limited unless he marries a mortal to gain a wife. See also initiation.

Soft movements

Any coital thrusting including reciprocal movement by the female, so-called for their consideration when offered to your partner.

Soft wander

A variation of the wandering kiss where the contact is slight, using small pressing nibbles to explore the body of your partner.


Vampires use their tongues to mollify an irritation or pain owing to the medical nature of vampire saliva. Used metaphorically for curing the hurt of the mind.


A general term for any kind of sex toy used as a coital aid. Used as a term of derision for a sexually incompetent male.


To masturbate, either alone or to sexually stimulate another person. Vampires consider manual and oral stimulation of the external female genitalia, any rubbing or kissing of the fingers, caressing the penis, and all variations of fellatio—as forms of masturbation.

Unlike in our world, vampires do not consider teasing either shameful or immature.

True brother/sisters

Vampire siblings distinguished by having the same mother but different fathers. In hierarchies, they have more power than normal brothers/sisters but less sway than perfect brothers/sisters.