Nibbling (kiss)

A dry kiss, using only the lips, where the couple quickly exchange soft, dry bites. As a Sexual kiss, the Nibbling is used by vampires in foreplay to prepare the female for orgasm.


Vampire term for describing sexy feelings or acts.  Due to a lack of shame and guilt, vampires do not describe sex with vernacular language.


Purely physical trauma, separate from psychological distress vampires called hurt.

Perfect brother/sisters

Vampire label for siblings arising from the one pair of parents. Highest rank of progeny in the collective since they are pure of bloodline. Twins are regarded perfect whether identical or not. See also True Brothers and sisters.


Vampire term for their demise resulting in total loss of existence, usually by starvation. Vampires usually call violent ends resulting from physical damage as destruction.


A recreation sought by vampires to strengthen bonds, involving gentle physical exchanges like tickling and tussling, but unlike vampire games, play is not concluded by sexual activity.


Vampires use the archaic term when asking to have sex.

Pressing (kiss)

A non-sexual kiss, distinguished as a dry, press of the lips given to the face, usually  the cheek or brow. Used by vampires in greeting.  Variation called the consolation kiss if given on the lips.

Prescribed sex

Necessary sex given for sexual healing of vampire influence. Due to the male concentrating the flavor of hot blood in his sexual secretions, the females seek their male, as a source of these essential ingredients for their psychic powers.


Vampire term to describe the intellectual qualities of females. Pretty does not refer to the physical appearance because vampires cannot see the physical body.

Private Sex

Describes sex, restricted by respect, for the intimacy of a couple. Sexual activity termed private is not shared with a stranger. Private sex is not conducted behind closed doors but in the case of couples sharing a bed, the private sex prevents the mingling of vampire couples.

Proper Sex

When a male has yet to initiate a female, he is restricted to certain sexual activity, and limited to the love-lock for intercourse.

Public Sex

Acceptable sex engaged in between non-intimate lovers or first dates.


To vampires, any act of sex used to prepare an object, usually a bed, for regular sexual function, especially fun sex.