In desire

A term applying to both males and females and describes sexual excitation and readiness for coitus.


The vampire term to describe their supernatural powers they project using their psychic abilities. Influence makes vampire wives very powerful and via love they transfer this power to their husband.


Male vampires concentrate the flavor of hot blood in their sexual secretions and this sexually programs the female vampire. The essential transition prepares a female for mating, to increase her receptivity, fertility, and importantly her acceptance of the male.

Kiss (vampire style)

One of the many oral techniques designed to sexually excite and even replace intercourse. The kissing techniques of vampires are varied and broken into several categories. There are non-sexual kisses like the Pressing kiss and Virgin kiss. Wandering kisses including the Hunting kiss. Sexual kisses like the Nibbling kiss, Wanting kiss, and the Hungry kiss. The ultimate kisses are the Lust kisses and the Bite.


A face-to-face, male-superior coital technique used in proper sex by the vampires. The technique is essential in mating and any formal offering of sex.  Not considered an expression.

Lust for blood

Refers to the partaking of blood, extracted from any part of the body other than the neck.  Restricted acceptance tolerated between lovers however, usually considered deviant behavior. See also Blood Lust.

Lust kisses

Kissing techniques beyond the Sexual kisses and practiced exclusively by vampires. Due to the erotic nature of the Bite, it is an important lust kiss. In the Venery kiss, the male uses his tongue to excite his partner; in a form of oral coitus.

Marriage (vampire style)

The state of a mortal converted into a vampire after the human received the Bite. By marrying, a male borne a vampire loses his virginity, becomes fertile for mating, and is then called a husband. If a female vampire bites a mortal lover she acquires a bed-attending male.  If the female allows her male to marry, he loses his vampire virginity, and she gains a husband. Vampires do not marry other vampires because the marriage is a state of existence, not a license for cohabitation.


Vampire females have an estrus cycle of six months, the peek of their cycle gives rise to the heat, whereby they are receptive to impregnation. At all other time of the cycle, sexual contact is normally vital sex or fun sex.


A very special vampire sex toy or substitute, mechanical in nature, and prized by female vampires. When they don the MET, they gain male attributes and can easily share blood with their sisters after the hunt. The MET is also worn to enhance sensations in coitus in that it provides the wearer biofeedback for shared pleasure. Males require the MET to couple with two females simultaneously (essential in certain circumstances).


The thrusts used in coitus to excite. There are seven types shared in conversation. Also called soft movements.