Vampires have distinctive eye-teeth designed specifically for extracting blood. Male fangs are curved and longer than the straight fangs of female vampires.


Generally a lover, but in a collective of hunting females, the term often refers to a concubine cherished by the harem male or his wife.


A specific chemical signature, determined by the level of hormones in human blood. The flavor of blood often describes how fresh human blood affects the vampire, and acts as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Fun sex

Sexual activity, shared between vampires, providing the full range of sexual pleasures. Fun sex is not vital sex, required sex, and occurs outside the heat.


Vigorous physical activities akin to chasing and tussling but often warrants the male to withdraw his genitalia internally for safe keeping. Unlike play, this energetic pursuit always resolves spontaneously with sexual intercourse.

Harem male

The state of a male vampire accepted into a collective. He earns the title because he has initiated all the females. His status is of a captured, sexual slave, providing proper and required sex to his females. See also initiation.


Peek of the estrus cycle of female vampires, a time (about once every six months) available for mating to reproduce.

Holding hands

Depending on the hand (especially the left), this technique is sensual to sexual. In vampires the hands are erogenous zones with physical equivalence of the genitals.

Hot (blood)

The degree of flavor in human blood, determined by source and freshness.

Hungry kiss

A sexual kiss and variation of the wanting kiss. The Hungry kiss is so named because the kissers are “hungry” for each others tongue.


Vampire term for the harvest of blood from human donors. Usually preformed by females due to the nature of male fangs making the males unsuitable for collecting blood.

Hunting kiss

A variation on the body kiss. This is a wet tongue massage where the kisser has to “hunt” for the erogenous zones of their partner. The Hunting kiss starts anywhere on the body other than the mouth, which defines it separately from the Wandering kisses.


Vampires separate pure emotional distress from the physical equivalent they call pain.


A male vampire, either born or converted, who has married a mortal female, to be fertile and complete his vampire maturity. Converted males have two wives to whom they are equally the husband.