Bed-attending male

When a female vampire bites a mortal man, usually repetitively, she converts him in vampire marriage. But he is not married for himself, in that he has yet to complete his vampire maturity, and thus he retains his vampire virginity.


The bite is viewed by vampires as the ultimate kiss and requires fangs. The vampires view the bite as essential in vital sex in the exchange of blood, but the bite is key for fun sex to enhance pleasure.

Blood Lust

The taking of blood without paying for the transaction using sex. Considered a form of exploitation. Between vampires it means the blood was stolen and when inflicted on a human, means they are no longer donating blood but are victims. See also Lust of blood.


Vampire siblings arising from one male within the collective. They exercise more power if their father is the only or dominant harem male over progeny from subordinate males or if the other childrens’ father has perished.  Lower in rank within a collective to True brother/sisters.


The approach to orgasm, but not achieving such. A vampire technique to increase pleasure requires the partners to “come close” and maintain the state for as long as endurable.


A group of vampire females sharing one or more harem males.


The ultimate hug, whereby the pair join as for intercourse but do not seek to gratify their senses with any stimulation.  Vampires find the connection so relaxing, they sleep in comfort. The union is offered to prepare before active sex, continuing sex during the post-coital lassitude, or for replacing sex. Vampires also comfort during distress. Human variations of comfort are achievable in female superior positions.


Females born vampires do not usually marry and so become concubines to a harem male not directly related to them.

Consolation kiss

Special variation of the pressing kiss offered to the lips to acknowledge the emotional distress of an intimate.


Coital technique involving the seven types of shared soft movements; the couple actively exchange pelvic thrusts to “talk”, the feedback process culminating until the couple have progressed from the simplest leisurely moments through each level to the most complicated sexual stimulation, called the seventh.


The transition from human to vampire via the bite and a consequence of vampire marriage.

Cool (blood)

Vampires describe blood extracted from another vampire as cool because it lacks the flavor of hot, fresh human blood.  See also want.


1. (noun)The penis. Considered by vampires as female in character and indicates the male’s feelings, thus erection is not assumed to be sexual.

2. (verb) To have sexual interest in. Said of vampires craving a partner or sexual contact. See in desire and want.


Total loss of vampire existence. If the vampire bleeds to such an extent, so they cannot heal, the vampire will perish. Major damage to the heart will ensure critical blood loss from which a vampire will fail to recover, and result in the vampire destroyed.

Eat the desire

Pre-coital technique where the female vampire introduces the male’s penis into her vagina using only her muscles. Skilled females do not require the male erect. Also essential for the seventh to assist the male action.


Any sexual position used for fun sex, especially private sex and serious sex.  Vampires do not usually classify the love-lock of mating sex as an expression.