By Suzanne Carré

If we ask the question—is it love or lust—is it love or sex—why do we find it difficult to reach an absolute answer? The problem is more than how we personally see love or sex. The concept of love has been shaped over time by our culture. Love will always mean something different to different people. While philosophers debated love, science defined sex, religion defined lust, and it hasn’t been very much help because we all seem confused at some time.

Vampire definitions of love and sex will probably add to the confusion even more but they have reasons for defining love, sex and lust, in terms of how it works more than what it means. They begin by separating their feelings from the senses. Feelings are pure emotions and the senses are purely physical. To a vampire, you don’t feel pain or heat but you feel happy or lonely. Anything you detect by sight, or touch is sensory so again you cannot feel it. While this distinction might seem trivial, it impacts on how vampires see love and sex in their world. To the vampires it is so simple—sex is sex, lust you cannot touch, because only love can you feel.

Vampire Sexual Secrets

In my novel, Marie is plagued by the vampire concepts of love and sex. She can’t accept sex for what the vampires see it as—just sex—because she attaches sex to her feelings and sex evokes strong feelings. To make it worse for her, the vampires need sex, they don’t just want sex, and they need Vincent to sire an heir. Love for Marie is the whole relationship so what she shares with Vincent is love, and she sees what he has with the female vampires is lust. The lovemaking she has with him is good and right, while the sex he has with these other women is bad and wrong, regardless his sexual interactions become unavoidable.

When she wants the vampires to leave Vincent alone because she loves him, the females demand she proves her love. From then on, in her battle with the vampires, Marie believes she can conquer all with her love if only she could figure out what love really is. From the vampire perspective, they think all Marie needs to understand is sex so they attempt to teach her. Using their manuals of love they enlighten Marie on the vampire sexual secrets and give her the reasons for sex.

In this series, I’ll look at what love, sex and lust is vampire style. Vampires see love as very special, they don’t understand why us humans make such a fuss over sex, and they rationalize the force of lust. I will look at the vampire techniques but more importantly the vampire attitude to love and sex. How they  see love and sex impacts on every aspect from vampire romance to vampire sexuality, from how vampires use the bed to what sex has to do with the weather, and why vampires require sex.

To begin the discussion, there is love—oh, wonderful love. How we see and debate love is one thing but to vampires there is no question about what love really is.

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