By Suzanne Carré



Dusk and I stood at the entrance to the Elise23, an innocuous name for a very exclusive bar. The bouncer at the door gave me a nod to allow me in, it’s not his job to question the women who pass this way, when he only stopped the men. To the right was the main party area, but ahead was a narrow passage, which led to the private zone. I knocked on the door, the slide covering the small side window opened, then I smiled to demonstrate whether I have fangs, and if no, I arch my neck to show off any scars. The slide snaps shut, the door opened, and the doorman ushered me in.


I was human but I didn’t have any marks on my neck, he lifts my hair to make sure he didn’t miss any. Puzzled, he turned me around on the spot, looking for the tell-tale signs of vampire indulgence. He saw none, and without asking, he put a hand into my halterneck to feel for any point-like scars but my breasts were clean. While I tell this gorilla to get his hands off me, I was embraced.

“You know that is my job.”


Ah Maurice, I told him how glad I was to see him again. He confirmed the mutual pleasure and directed me to the next room. He explained how he’d closed down this particular bar for renovations, so we would have some privacy. I asked him what he had in mind. For me or the bar? Both. Well, the bar will no longer just serve cocktails, he was currently arranging for a dance floor so it would resemble the public area outside. And for me? He slipped his hands under my bodice. Nothing of interest for him, as in I am not claimed yet. I ask, does that disappoint you?

“I am never disappointed, my lovely.”


He lifted me up onto the bar. Such beautiful longs legs, and almost perfect. He toyed with a circular scar I have on my shin. I fell over when I was real little. Oh yes, he knew that, when he knew everything I ever kept in my thoughts. He directed me to recline. Now he’s not happy: these are against the rules and don’t I know it. Maurice reached over the bar, got a knife, with one cut sliced the fabric, and discarded my thong by flipping what remained over his shoulder. If he asked I’d be only to happy to show him how I take them off, but no, he ruined them. They weren’t cheap you know. Maurice stabbed the wooden bar with the knife. Are you going to pay for them? Yes, he would, but in kind. Ha, I’ve heard that one before.


He waved his hand to dismiss me. That meant I lie down and show him what he wanted to see. He raked his fingers through the tight hair crowning the mons, licked his finger, examined the contours framing the entrance, then bent to me to explore the region with his tongue, while he confirmed his suspicions, not even the graze of a fang. He congratulated me, I’m untouched. So what was I doing here? I wanted to be initiated. That must have been the best joke I’ve ever told him, because I’ve never heard him laugh so heartily. Go home little one. Stop treating me like a child, I lost my virginity years ago, so it was about time I had my blood tasted.


He closed his eyes and told me to take my body elsewhere, after all, I had the skills other proprietors were seeking. What was wrong with me? My attitude I am told. But Maurice, don’t you love me? Love was not the question here, he just didn’t want me working for him. I didn’t come here for that, and you know it, so what’s wrong now? How many times do I have to play this game with you? There is no game, I am not a player. Please don’t leave me like this, not again, not after the last time.


He grabbed my hand, dragged me into the main salon, pointed to a bar stool, said he had a few things to sort out but he’ll be back soon. Maurice leaned over me and asked me to be good for him, if only once in my life. I told him he looked so sexy with fangs, but I didn’t even get a smile out of him. Just sit here and look pretty. Yeah, I can do that with my eyes closed. What was I waiting for? The last time he left me like this, I had a quick escort outside to a waiting taxi.




A few of his clientele started eying me off, but the bartender gave them a silent hand signal, and they walked away. Yep, same as the last time. I keep asking myself, why do I bother? What was the point in persisting with this charade when he’s not interested in me, well not for that apparently. I have my hair pushed behind my ear, received a heavy breath whispered across the exposed skin, causing the most wonderful shivers down my spine. I had to smile when I realized who it was. Oh Stephan, your big brother abandoned me again.


What a shame? Did Maurice season me yet? Why don’t you take me to bed and find out? Stephan kissed my fingers. Didn’t I remember how he preferred it; how he’d rather wait for Maurice to flavor my nectar? But he would come back and throw me out, and then what, you will miss out again? No, we won’t miss out, we have time, and why not here? On these silly cup-shaped stools? I can wrap my legs around his waist, so what was I waiting for? Stephan slid his hand between my thighs. I gasped. One finger at a time, but two was faster. No, I prefer a man who took his time, and being immortal, he had all the time in the world.


Stephan helped me to balance on the edge of my seat, while I leaned back, resting my elbows on the bar. He slipped my stilettos and passed these to the bartender. So, how did I prefer it? I locked my ankles to hold him securely. He pushed firmly against me, teasing me with his lips by keeping them just beyond my reach. So, tell me my rose, how long do you take? The rogue, and he knew well with his constant action he could keep me on this pinnacle for hours, but one touch of those lips and I will free-fall from this height he maintained.


I embraced him, to direct him, and finally have his lips the way I want them. Stephan was too clever for me, and now he tantalized my neck with but a promise of his lips, and may be his fangs. His soft whispers tempting my mind, testing my endurance, driving me to a crazed state, because he changed tact. With my arms around him, he stopped exciting my depths to titillate the outer portions with a slow, swaying motion. Oh God, the sensitivity is beyond my capacity to sustain, and I begged him to lick my ear lobe, kiss my neck, give me his lips, anything to release the tension and help me breathe; but the sadist replied, simply: no.


An unforgivable act, but I pushed Stephan away. My delicate flower, said he, how can you work if after forty minutes you cannot stand it? This stool was too uncomfortable, and it kept distracting me. Then shall we continue upstairs? Carry me, I do not wish to walk. The smile on his face told me he knew my knees were too weak to support me. Where was your bedroom? The spare room was now for guests only. Since Maurice invited him, Stephan had no inclination to sleep alone. Then there was only the two of you, in such a large bed? No, there was enough space for all their lovers there.




Stephan rested me on Maurice’s bed, the black silk seemed to merge with the walls in the dimly lit room. For starters he wanted me with one leg over his shoulder, so I can still wiggle, and show him the moves I couldn’t in the bar downstairs. This time he let me kiss him and allowed my tongue across his fangs. Yet for all his tenderness as a lover, he never kept it simple or let me have it my way. Just when I could feel the congestion build to the right level; the tension in my muscles set to vibrate sensuously; my breath about to escape so I can emerge from this exquisite exhaustion—the son of a bitch would stop and insist we did it another way. How do you want this time? À la vache. What so he could bellow like a bull? Oh, prop me up with pillows, I don’t have the energy to support myself on my elbows.


Gentle fingers wiped the sweat from my brow. And where the hell have you been? “Ah, my love, business has kept me and I see Stephan is amusing you.” Maurice turned to his brother. “What do you think you are doing—to migrate across half the bed?”


“I am hoping to have all the sheets smell like her.”


Maurice breathed in deeply across the satin near me. “But she has yet to come. Women always smell sweeter when they come.” Stephan is confused by this. “Humans are not like our females, they need to come. If you want to find out how much of you she can handle, make her come and often—at least she will have a reason to be tender.”


“You will find I’ve made her tender for you.” Stephan slapped me, and I suddenly realized the cheeks of my buttock are still rounded: ha, who would have imagined that?


“Roll her over and give her what she wants—what she needs.” Maurice embraced me while Stephan migrated his lips over the landscape of my exhausted body. My love kissed me, his lips were so sympathetic to mine. “Relax my sweet, why be tense? Do you worry Stephan will bite you down there? You have my word, I shall be the first to bite you.”


Then tell me, what was he doing? It seemed Stephan was intent on having Maurice make love so he can taste his brother in me. No—no more, I can’t feel anything anymore. I’ve had enough. But Maurice had yet to experience me today. Would I want to deny him? No, yes—oh God what am I saying? Give me two aspirin and ask me in the morning. But Maurice rightly confirmed I didn’t have a headache, so why did I want to stop? It was complicated. One more time? For you, yes. But that was not fair, which one of them will have this opportunity? Maurice suggested they flip the coin.


Guess what—I’m the coin. No, in this technique, the boys don’t throw me in the air, but pass me to and fro. So I am hugging Maurice for support, I have Stephan controlling my hips, and they each took turns slipping inside, the modulation a combination of the shared thrust. I have a vague idea of when they swap, but I’m so relaxed, there is no need push or grope. I kissed Maurice on his neck. Tell me you love me and I’ll forgive you for what your brother was doing to me. Maurice stopped Stephan. He rested me against Stephan’s chest, had his brother clasp my breasts to keep me still, and from falling face first onto the bed. He used his fingers to part my hair so he can admire my union with his brother.


“My lovely, so beautiful, so tempting. You make me hungry— I feel like a sandwich.”


I burst out laughing. I must be high on oxygen by this stage. A sandwich—good one. Maurice, you are a vampire, you only drink blood, what you want a sandwich for? Oh, it wasn’t that kind of sandwich. He kissed Stephan on the lips and nodded for him to commence. Despite my muscles being so relaxed, I can feel Stephan diminish inside, but not to leave me, because if he pulled out then I am very much aware of a soft mass freeing the opening. Maurice interlocked his legs with his brother so the two are kneeling and facing. I felt Maurice, as he used his fingers to guide himself, so the two men locked me between their chests and wrapped their arms about me.


Then the magic started. They were both inside controlling their growth until they each attained their maximum girth. The increase was slow, constant allowing my body the time to acquaint to the new dimensions their twin intrusion created. Now I am grateful for their locked hold because I dared not move for fear the asymmetry of our congress would tear me apart. They are skilled in their control to excite without any danger to me. Maurice kissed me and let me know it was time. I closed my eyes. I felt his lips on my neck, the pleasure he imparted was so intense, I promised him I was almost there. Stephan copied his brother on my right neck, duplicating the sensations exactly. I gasped for breath, urging them not to stop, when I will, yes, yes, and I screamed out when they both plunge their fangs into my neck.