By Suzanne Carré

Vampire Initiation

A single dream where the regular theme of me sharing intense sex with more than one vampire, usually brothers, is the reason for the affair. Although in my dream I knew both vampires, I had not dreamed of them previously, and sadly the dream has not repeated, continuing to give me more of these sexy boys.




This was part of a sequenced dream, continuing over several nights, currently still recurring in parts, forming a rich vampire story of magic, knights of a Blood Order, forbidden love and tragedy from lust. When I have experienced the tale in its entirety, I hope to publish it as a book. For the time being, please enjoy an erotic section from it.


This dream is unusual in that I am a man in it, although I have had some intensely erotic dreams where I am male, involving vampire lovers. This theme is heterosexual but sometimes my male dreams involve vividly explicit gay sex…but more about that later…