By Suzanne Carré

I hear you love, my words to you a song,
In my response with softness, give your ear,
I ask then how can our embrace be wrong?
For we suffer apart, come to me here.
All that you promise, how can I refuse?
With you I fear not the pit of Hellfire,
Bite and set me free, deny not your Muse
Mine heart doth ache for my beloved vampire.
If you loved me, you would not hesitate,
My cravings for you tend to suffocate.


Hellfire you claim dwells only fiends of the night,
For demon deeds of immorality,
Why not angels upon wing set in flight?
Equal, my sins count for depravity.
I lust, desire for you unquenchable,
The magic yet unbroken by your kiss,
No other cure for me is tenable:
To feel your lips, I pay in the abyss.
For your love there is no greater price,
I gratefully give my blood sacrifice.


The choice of life or death, I question not,
Without you love has no significance,
I await your depravities, served hot
All your pleasures mingled with pure romance.
Let me experience all level of sin,
I beg you corrupt me in every way
Delay not my lover, come now, begin,
Instruct me with your fangs, I am your prey.
You cannot promise me satisfaction,
And leave me bereft of your emotion.