by Suzanne Carré

I usually write prose but I have an inclination to poetry. My preference is for technical writing, where rigorous rules govern the form and style of each poem. It means the poetry has meter, as in rhythm, just as music has a beat.

My preference for meter is the iambus, simply because it resembles the heartbeat. The human heart beats twice in every cycle, a “lub” — being a soft beat where blood fills the heart — followed closely with the “dub” — a powerful surge of blood sent rushing through the vessels of the body. I think the iambic meter, with its resemblance to the heartbeat, is appropriate for vampire poetry, especially seeing our fanged friends are so amorous of blood.

The iambus, like the heartbeat, has a soft accent followed by a hard accent. With only two syllables, and in that order, the iambus presents a difficult challenge in English where most words are not iambic, and for those that are, the restriction on how many iambic feet (or sets of syllables) are allowed in one line makes this form of poetry complex to write, but it is nonetheless beautiful.

My favorite poetry is the sonnet. A sonnet is a “sound-piece” being a short poem restricted to 14 lines of five iambi per line. Shakespearean sonnets are special in that they are set on a structure of three quatrains and one terminal couplet, containing seven alternating rhymes.

I hope you enjoy what I write. Please feel free to comment or ask questions.

The Evil Kiss

For ever promised with a single kiss,
Forsake my life for immortality;
Together attain a state of bliss;
And join my vampire for eternity—[more]

The Tryst

He called me: lover, come to my silk bed,
Expect to feel my fangs, receive my bite;
I rushed to him, awaiting to be bled,
In our ecstatic union, all the night. [more]

Everlasting Bliss

The dawn deprived me, now I long for you,
Bereft, I feel so lost; denied thy kiss,
I want to live for ever, yes I do,
Become eterne; I plead, do not remiss. [more]

Blood Pact

Betrayed by you, upon the setting sun,
The shadows merge, but you do not arise,
Alone, to your silk-draped bedroom I run:
I understand, I must apologize. [more]

A Single Bite

Upon thy silken bed, I cried my tears,
Didst thou but bother: hear my weeping dear?
I wait for you to mollify my fears,
And prove thy love; I need you more, ’tis clear. [more]

Transforming Kiss

Oh vampire from the night, I come to thee,
In shadows deep, I wait for you to show,
I want to feel the love thou promised me,
Embrace, the way that only lovers know. [more]

The Price of Immortality

My vampire love, I need to reconcile,
With all the promises you have dared to break,
Yet your control erases thy sins, the while
Admiring you with every breath I take.[more]

Surrender of the Soul

My vampire lover, come, my Lord of night,
And bite me, pierce my throat, thy fangs revealed,
The single gift of your immortal right,
I crave thy kiss; eternal life revealed.[more]