By Suzanne Carré

Vincent is the vampire lover of Marie and holds a very special place in his vampire culture. He is very young for a vampire, inexperienced in the affairs of the heart, and dutifully constrained by his kind’s rules and gender expectations. In a novel dominated by the thoughts of Marie, we gain Vincent’s perspective through the conversations of love and sex he has with her. These personal and intimate discussions focus on the lovers’ debate over differences between human and vampire relationships. While he teaches her the art of vampire lovemaking, we are privileged to his vampire perspective of these techniques as well as her human participation.

Along with the sexual lessons, he teaches Marie the art of being a vampire female. Vincent’s attitude to her transformation forms the main discussion he has with other vampires providing a glimpse into their mindset. The vampires have conflicting views over their acceptance of Marie, so Vincent often conveys his feelings towards her human qualities while he tries to convince her of the virtues of immortality. He has many problems to overcome in the process of vampire marriage when his infatuation becomes dangerous to both of them because he can’t bite Marie and make her his wife.

Vincent is not the ideal hero, despite having the opportunities to be—he doesn’t regret his existence and is a proud, unrepentant hedonist determined to have fun forever. It is his vampire attitude that forms a major point of conjecture in the novel and tests the relationship he has with Marie to breaking point. What makes him intriguing is the way his less than perfect nature alerts Marie to many of the causes of her confusion in matters of love.

But the matter of sex is one part of her lover she can’t accept, not when she discovers Vincent has  recently inherited his father’s estate, including all the vampire duties and rituals, and importantly his father’s concubines! Because Vincent won’t do what he has to—use his fangs, bite and marry, and then live happily forever with the vampires—the females demand an heir. Torn between his duty as a vampire male and his infatuation with Marie, Vincent’s viewpoint creates a distinctive perspective on love and sex unparalleled in a purely human relationship.