Hi there! My name is Suzanne and I’m a writer, mostly non-fiction, and mathematician (had to admit that, so now you know about my nocturnal habits). I live with my husband, and almost 7000 books, in a rural retreat in the center of Tasmania, an island off the coast of Australia because it has a similar climate to Southern France.

I am fascinated with the use of mathematics to describe the universe (not really a “day job”—math seems to make more sense to me at 3 am) but in my spare time I wonder about love and relationships. Since I find philosophy is ever so boring, I’ve investigated all the questions I have concerning the human heart in a novel. Some of the greatest minds have attempted to define love but logically they missed one major point—they explored the human state from a purely human perspective. So to try and find a solution to this problem (like mathematicians like to do) I look at the questions of love and sex and relationships through a vampire or distinctly non-human entity. It works in interesting ways.

Love, and sex for that matter, is very much like mathematics (for me) in that they are both languages describing very complex ideas. They both have formula or rules governing their activity, which make them easier to understand, and if these rules are followed then it tends to work. Love, like many math problems, doesn’t have a single solution and is very much dependent on the starting conditions, but that’s what makes a novel so much fun—I can set the stage so I’ve fixed how the romance will develop. Sorry, I don’t have a single equation for love yet—but I’m working on it.

When I’m not squiggling (my husband’s term for my mathematical hieroglyphs), and not writing about sex with vampires, I like to bake cookies (chocolate chip are my favorite), and sew fine needle-lace (and yes, I’ve used my mathematics to figure that out too).

I have come to understand there are reasons for everything, and in my life, mathematics behind every reason. I embrace it because it is intrinsically beautiful and I make it my own. So if you want to know more about how my mind works, please take a moment to read some vampire stuff on my pages, and hopefully you will find some of my reasoning that makes sense to you.

I have a rule about posting on my blog. I do it every day but never on a Sunday. This proved necessary to establish a presence for my blog but see my New Years resolution. If you like what I write then please remember, I am adding new material all the time.

Comments are closed on this page but if you have a question for me, then I’ll try to answer it as best I can. Thank you.