By Suzanne Carré

After that little interlude with love, I think it’s time I got everyone back into the mood for some sex vampire style. So where was I? That’s right, we have two vampires in bed, naked of course because that is a firm vampire rule in the use of the bed . Our vampires have their intimacy ensured by private sex, and they have coupled physically in vampire comfort, to exchange a few kisses. So now we can let the sex begin.

Maintaining Affection

When vampires make love, they express the physical pleasure as a way to celebrate their love. Lovemaking for them is a confirmation of their affection. A crucial factor cementing their love, is the language of love vampires use, as stipulated in their manuals of love. Talking sets the mood, stimulating the mind, increasing desire, preparing vampire couples for the sexual pleasure they intend to indulge. Words are potent aphrodisiacs to vampires, so they want to exchange soft whispers between the moments when their lips touch.

Kissing techniques form an art-form within the extensive oral sex practiced by vampires. The most important kiss shared in the conversations of love, is the pressing kiss, so called for the way the lips make contact. A line of pressing kisses from the corner of the mouth to the ear gives the excuse for communicating more intimately. When engaged in love talk, the wanting kiss has the advantage over all other tongue kisses in that it is easily punctuated with words. The intensity of the tongue work limited, the extent of the contact mainly restricted to the lips, so this wet kiss allows for both sensuous pleasure and building the erotism through the spoken words of love.

When kissing extends beyond the lips, the vampires have a group of wandering and hunting kisses, designed mainly for play, in oral pleasures we identify as a part of foreplay. Wandering kisses, from the dry touch through to the wet tongue massages, have no guiding direction, they usually depart from the lips to explore the body of their lover. Hunting kisses differ from the aimless wandering kisses with the need for an agenda, the kisser hunting for the erogenous zones, particularly the genitals. Once mutually located in a “hunt,” the lovers physically aligned head-to-toe, vampires indulge in a sharing of oral stimulation we call soixante-neuf, although vampires recline on their sides for this pleasure. Simultaneous oral sex is a recreation, more than the pursuit of orgasm or a need for intensive arousal.

Oral Sex

Oral sex for vampires is more complicated, offering a greater range of sensations than achievable for mortals. The main reason focuses on the definition of sex for vampires, where to fulfill the criteria of being sex, the physical pleasure must be shared, the sensual gratification achievable by both involved, and to the same level. Oral sex performed on a male fails this definition when the stimulation is one-sided, her mouth not giving equal pleasure sensations as her vagina. The oral stimulation of the female is sex to vampires, being a direct consequence of the male vampire anatomy.

For the Good Girls

Cunnilingus is the limitation of human adventures in orally exciting the female, the term accurately describing the external stimulation using the tongue and lips. Vampires indulge in more intense sensations, the male having a phallic tongue capable of simulating coitus in all respects, so he and his partner can easily achieve orgasm. The only disadvantage is the orientation of the male vampire tongue, being useful where the top of the tongue directly excites, preference made against using the soft underside.

In providing an alternative to sexual intercourse, oral sex using the tongue like a penis has the prime function for preparing the female, the natural moisture of the tongue relaxing her internally. Using his tongue to explore her, gives him the advantage of tasting for any of her regular partners, in the case where she is not sexually faithful to him, especially in large groups, so he might detect any new lovers. Her sexual activity is not an act of infidelity, as it would be for humans, because love is the only case of faithfulness among vampires, and sex rarely so unless the two vampires bond in the such a way as to exclude all others. Sexual access is a privilege earned in the measure of trust and respect, not assumed on the grounds of agreeing once to any one partner.

Playing with the Bad Boys

While not considered a sexual act, in the sense of sharing sensations, fellatio finds great use in the preparation and pleasuring of the male vampire. It is never used by vampires to deny the male coitus, the female giving of her mouth to avoid the male coupling with her. With his ability for experiencing multiple orgasm, one sexual climax in the mouth is certainly not going to curb his sexual appetite. The male vampire also has conscious control of his penis, maintaining erection allowing him to copulate immediately after receiving oral sex.

Since oral sex performed on the male vampire has a purely recreational use, females ensure that he gains the maximum pleasure from the experience. There are many techniques in common use by both vampires and humans, but some are peculiar to the vampire, due in most part from their sexual culture. Firstly, it is not a vampire behavior for the female to lower herself on her knees before the male. If he is sitting in a chair, or standing, she will sit to directly accept him in her mouth. On a bed, both usually sit, he can recline against pillows, but she curls forward over him. By taking his penis vertically, the more intense the sensations she can create. Any orientation that gives the couple a lazy approach will replicate the arousal frequent in the human practice.

Pleasure in fellatio is controlled using two additional vampire techniques. The human practice to swallow the whole length is highly lauded, vampires exhibit little difficulty achieving this feat, but is not preferred over the female controlling the stimulation. Vampires feel that it is more important to drive the male to a quick and powerful orgasm, focusing on regions they consider more sensitive, the raphe (the ventral seam) and the point of coronal fusion. Female vampires achieve high arousal with the tongue while she uses her lips and inner part of her mouth to adjust the amount of contact offered.

Flattening her tongue against the body of the penis, as she accepts her male, she produces a focus for  his pleasure by having the option of compressing her tongue against him. The muscular action of the tongue provides many different sensations, which she can use to modify the stimulation. The simplest way to use the tongue is for friction, working in much the same way rear-entry coitus derives more sensitivity. Her lips only brace, the suction produced in the mouth cavity, requiring coordinated breathing to achieve. With a little practice, she excites her male the way vampires consider fellatio should feel—if he closes his eyes, he can’t tell if she is using her mouth or vagina.

So, our vampires are only just getting excited, and we have yet to explore the possibilities of touching, where fondling is important in vampire love play. Don’t leave the bed, there is more to follow.