By Suzanne Carré

So far I have only looked at aspects of vampire sexuality, an extensive subject requiring much more detail, so this time I intend to collate the various methods vampires use to satisfy their sexual appetite. Here will be a logical approach to vampire sexual pleasure, elaborating where necessary to cover all aspects of vampire styled sexual culture, from rules of seduction to techniques immortals use for attaining sensual gratification.

What basically separates vampire sexual activity from ours is the essential rule of vampire respect. A kiss, no matter how sexual, does not mean sex. Touching their lover confirms love, it doesn’t not pressure the partner to comply with sex. Even their special unspoken body language with caresses to ask for sex, can be refused. Vampires respect their partner’s wishes and wants, without question, in love and sex designed to please. The rule of respect has no compromise, so much that sexual access is forbidden without explicit permission. Vampires consider taking advantage of their partner a form of rape, no matter the degree of severity.

Vampire sex is not an act filled with tears, punished with shame, or plagued with regret. The eternal love-makers are perfect hedonists and see no virtue in mingling the bittersweet with pure pleasure sensations. For vampires, sex is meant to be a beautiful experience and needs to be enjoyed.

Romance in Relationships

Vampires don’t take their lovers for granted but they also believe the simplest acknowledgment works to confirm their love, strengthening the bond, so the lovemaking expresses the beauty of their relationship. Communication is key between vampires, so they establish a full understanding to create a firm grounding on which their love depends. Vampires consider words to be the most powerful aphrodisiacs, so potent they not only seduce, those special words exchanged in whispers between lovers form the basic conversations of love. This love talk is a language of love, where the mind and body are not shameful but praiseworthy because the sex vampires indulge in is not crude or sinful.

To vampires, sex is a physical pleasure, shared to enhance not only the relationship but also improving the couples partaking and gaining from the benefits of sex. Most vampire sex is sex just for fun, but in the love affair, some is required sex, used for sexual healing both physical and emotional. The meaning of sex for vampires is in the power sex creates by participating in the whole sexual experience from love games to the rigor of serious sex.


Vampires define intimacy between lovers in very different ways to us. For vampires, privacy is ensured by the condition of private sex. Private sex is not hidden behind closed doors, but guaranteed by the respect the couple shows for each others sexual drive regardless of the level. No matter where the couple are, or the company they keep, the focus exclusively to their partner means they engage in private sex. Even if surrounded by other vampires, the lovers know they are not watched, lusted over by onlookers, or shamed into hiding their sex. With this level of intimacy, vampire lovers have no reservations in placing their trust in their partner for any sexual activity they might want to experience.

Bad Boys and Good Girls

Vampires practice sexual equality in all matters pertaining to the sexual act. It allows for the females to ask with impunity, giving her full sexual rights to the sex she requires. Female vampires need sex, for the maintenance of their function, so their male welcomes their demands for sexual attention, and he worries if his female partner shows little sexual interest. Interest in sex here does not imply she will partake physically, but more importantly her positive response to her partner when he approaches her.

When the male vampire approaches his female for sex, he starts at her feet, kissing to her knee. Vampires know the cup of the knee is very sensitive, so the kisses might reach there but he is careful to avoid touching a place to cause oversensitivity. In the art of seduction, it is necessary not to tickle or irritate a zone too quickly or to persist until this over-stimulates. The vampire manuals of love clearly state that stimulation needs to be modulated, worked up to the peak in slow steps to avoid the conclusion arriving too soon. Vampires have the stamina to endure a high levels of arousal for long periods of time, and it is through their vast experience we have the opportunity to learn their sexual secrets.

It is more usual for the female to ask, simply because in the preternatural domain, females rule in sex.  Her options for giving him delicate but direct cues to demonstrate her want of sex are varied depending on her needs. The female has a greater need of her male beyond simple sex, from the sex of the feeding ritual, to maintaining her sexual acceptance of him as her male. Her reasons for sex impinge on her body chemistry, so her decisions on when and how to couple are dictated by this. To acquire his attention, a simple stroke over his toes will alert him to her need for an embrace, especially the ultimate hug known as vampire comfort.

The Vampire Bed

The bed is the most important piece of equipment vampires use while engaged in sex. It is not the only place vampires have sex, where any available furniture, the walls, but not the floor because the floor is too hard, is convenient. When it comes to indulging in a lust session, the bed is likely the place a pair of vampires will end their romp, totally exhausted, to rest and share in the pleasant sensations of orgasmic lassitude.

The only real rule for the vampire bed is that all those in the bed are naked and stay uncovered. The prime reason for this is that vampires have extremely sensitive skin through which they acquire their naked powers. Covering in the bed prevents this transfer of their supernatural energy. With the respect from private sex, there is generally no reason to feel a shameful need to hid the body.

Foreplay and Other Games Vampires Play

Vampires don’t recognize foreplay as we do. Primarily this is because they do not see sex having a defined beginning or any discernible end. While we consider sex beginning with fondling or kissing, these displays of affection are not necessarily the first offerings vampires exchange with their lover. Among their kissing techniques, is a special “kiss” called the Virgin Kiss where the sexual tension is created by the anticipation long before any contact is achieved.

If there is a want for vampires to share more personal touches, this is usually in the embrace vampires call comfort, where the female prepares her male by lubricating him with saliva before introducing him internally. While we would label the act of comfort as a form of coitus, to vampires it is not an embrace designed to excite sexually. Vampires will often choose to comfort without bothering with sex at all, and this is a preferred way to spoon for sleeping together. If the vampire couple use comfort to start their kissing session, then again the process of excitation looks more like the beginning to lovemaking than arousal before the sex starts.

Vampires also play games designed to get their blood pumping, where all games end in very physical sex. Their games are mainly capture type, where either the male or female can give chase. Vampires don’t bother having arguments just as an excuse for sex, seeing vampires never need an excuse for sex, and vampires can’t be bothered arguing when they just have the sex anyway, so they choose instead to play. Above the necessity for a non-sexual activity to stimulate the need for sex, vampires claim the vitality of play in relationships, enforcing the bond between lovers like no other activity can.

So, now we have our vampires in bed, and they are ready to indulge, then we can let the sex begin. Join me next time for the techniques vampires use for really getting excited.