By Suzanne Carré

No matter the erotica written about vampires, it seems the urban myths concerning vampires and sex prevail, in that these sexy beasts of the night are believed incapable of mature sexual activity. It seems we find the idea of sexually being restricted to the erotism of fangs and sex in the bite, oral sex involving lips and tongue, but nothing more. The possibility of the vampire engaging physically with each other, and particularly humans, remains debated despite the imagination of writers. Then there is the impossibility of a vampire having reproductive capacity.

I think the problem is twofold, originating in the popular myth of vampires and confusion over sex. But for the sake of the vampire, this problem must be addressed and corrected. My novel contains the sexual secrets of vampires, as written in their manuals of love, so my vampires have full sexual function and are fertile. Also, their entire existence revolves around the seeking of sex and attaining sensual gratification, so their sexual culture gives reasons for sex.

First Vampires

One thing that we must always remember, Bram Stoker did not create vampires. The myth, as we recognize it in Western Europe, started in Germany before he put pen to paper, and because his novel was so popular, writers after Stoker reset the history to start with his creation. In effect, they have ignored and forgotten the vampire that existed 200 years before Dracula hit the bookshelves. If we reinstate the original vampire of Western mythology then we have a creature suffering sexual addiction, ready, willing, and more than physically capable of satisfying our every sexual need.

Where did this sexy beast originate from?  The belief in vampires, as the undead, came from Balkans. These creatures were more akin to ghosts and preyed upon the living. The vampire formed from either a wicked person dying or from an innocent soul suffering evil corruption. Their lair was the coffin they were buried in, and in rising each night, they fought the destruction of the grave by drinking blood of the living. But the animated corpse was ugly, not a sex-symbol.

Sexy Beasts

When the idea of a vampire reached Germany around 1700 AD, the poets and writers there combined the daring attraction of the never-dead with the sexual allure of the incubus and succubus. The night dwelling creature called incubus made a perfect vampire, with his insatiable sexual appetite, his sexual capacity recorded in books of magic lore, and he commanded nature with supernatural powers.  The succubi, and there were usually many females associated with one all-powerful male, expressed their sexual equality by seducing sleeping men and initiating erotic dreams.

Girl experiencing erotic dream created by the incubus

The Incubus caused Erotic Dreams

Both the incubus and succubus were known to share physically with each other. Their sexual activity recorded in demonology books is believed natural and even blessed by heaven, the only moral problem arising when these creatures conducted their sexual activities upon their sleeping victims. This is because sex with any non-human creature, angel or demon concerned the Church. From all that is recorded, it is not the fear of intercourse creating hybrids but of the sex serving as a conduit for a malefic entity, namely Satan.

Regardless of proof for the existence of these sexy demons being only in the mind, Europeans were convinced of the demons’ reality, and so the incubus and succubi emerged from the night, no longer just interested in sex, but also desiring in our souls in the guise of the vampire. Where once the demon fed from our sexual energy, draining all the vitality from their victim, now as the vampire, they acquired a taste for blood and sex, to consume our very life force. The modern, erotic vampire as we recognize it was borne.

So now we know where the modern vampire came from, let us take a closer look at the sexual side of the night entity by revealing the vampire, both male and female, in all their natural, naked glory.

The Male Vampire

Frequently in vampire romance, seduction is dominated by a male vampire intensely seeking love with a woman.  As the ultimate bad boy, the male vampire represents pure sexual potential, a perfect specimen of everything masculine, but tamed to satisfy every woman’s fantasy. He offers the ideal affair of the heart, demonstrating his affection, and never complicating the pure love with sex. But vampire erotica demands that he does more in the bedroom than just look good.

The Perfect Vampire

The argument for denying vampire sexuality is the unchanging nature of the vampire. This is possibly the biggest mistake made about vampires. Consider the reason for a vampire needing to drink blood. Some change takes place for the vampire to need blood, even if it is to preserve the vampire’s condition. Vampires are therefore capable of change, only it appears more subtle than our changes.

The sexual drive of the vampire suffers from doubt in his capacity to erect and ejaculate. These two sexual functions require different mechanisms, but they relate to the idea of a perfect, unchanging vampire. It is argued that erection requires blood the vampire can ill afford to “waste,” ejaculation demands fluid loss, and fertility needs cell creation—all of which are seemingly not possible from a static vampire.

Bad Boy Vampires

First the blood supply is not an issue with any creature capable of coitus. Human males have a fixed blood supply, the use of which for sex involves only borrowing a small amount from the body reserves. There is no blood loss in this process, because at the end of sexual intercourse, the blood required for erection returns to the body circulation. So with the vampire erection is also possible and very unlikely to endanger a vampire from blood loss.

When it comes to sexual secretions, they are not any more special than other body fluid production. In vampire lore, tears are shed by a vampire, where tears are a body fluid clearly lost when weeping. Also, there seems to be no problem with a vampire drooling over their victim. In subtle references to vampire erotism, vampires are described licking the skin of their victims, or providing oral sex, where these acts require saliva the vampire leaves behind. Production of saliva is no more special than that of seminal fluid, and if the vampire can produce enough saliva to lubricate their mouths, they can produce fluid for sex.

The production of sperm is by far the most challenging because this demands the making of new cells. If the modern Western vampire was simply the risen dead of the Slavic myth then sperm cells cannot exist. But the vampire of popular lore was derived from the demons already in existence. The idea of leaving the grave after death provided a convenient explanation for the demons origins. Vampires of Western Europe were always associated with magic from their demon incarnation, and with this magic they had the powers of generation with their own kind. The incubus was always fertile, and when this bad boy of the preternatural domain became a vampire, he didn’t lose his potency.

The Female Vampire

Female vampires were the first demons, and possibly the earliest vampires, common in mythology from many cultures long before the concept of a vampire arrived in Western Europe. With perfect bodies, the female vampire in demon form seduced men and women. As the ideal femme fatale, the female vampire enchanted generations with her wiles. She is the perfect temptress, and like her male counterpart, unchanging over the centuries.

Reproduction for female vampires is a little more complex than for the male. The primary objection being in her cycles, involving menstruation every moon. Clearly a creature needing to drink blood, cannot lose this precious commodity in the waste of menses. Her fertility depends on eggs she cannot replace so her immortality comes with the condition of perpetuated sterility.

Vampire Sex-goddesses

Again we must return to the origin of the modern vampire. The female vampire is derived from the succubi, and since she arose from the grave from the cause of magic, not exclusion from heaven, she is not eternally damned in every sense. The succubus was never doomed with sin, her body not shamefully covered or cursed, and so this favor followed her into the guise of the vampire. Fertility of the succubus followed the same logic as that of the incubus, and was never questioned by demonologists. Importantly, her fecundity proved vital in magic rites, where pregnancy and birth worked to increase her supernatural powers.

Because the succubus is devoid of sin, she is also spared all the punishments impacting human women on account of the female faults and her theological fall from grace. Consequentially, the succubus never suffered from birth pangs or, like the woman, needed to wash her sins away every month with ritual blood loss. Exempt from all the disadvantages of our reproductive cycle, the succubus required a different way to conceive. As a vampire, this demon is also privileged to reproduce in a different way from the woman she was in life.

The production of her eggs is akin the sperm supply of the male. Without being subject to decay by design, makes the body of a vampire perfect, but it does not exclude the possibility of forming new cells for reproduction. Remembering the fertility of the succubus linked to her magic, so it followed that the vampire from her was equally capable of bearing progeny. In the case of the succubus, her children were a pure form of demon, and it seems logical that the vampire would give rise to a pure form of vampire in her progeny. The female sex-goddess is a perfect female and consequentially bore perfect offspring.

Vampire Mating Ritual

The is no evidence of the incubus and succubus marrying, according to the manuals of demonology their sexual relationships are untroubled by morals. It then suggests that she chose her mate special for reproduction. If she doesn’t rely on our menstrual reproductive cycles, then she can fall into a heat and require mating at specific times. A vampire evolved from the lineage of a succubus inherited the body image of this demon, and it is presumed she also acquired the succubus’ insatiable appetite for sex.

Her sexuality then gives her all the freedom to obtain sexual pleasure with multiple lovers, and do this forever. The vampire also has the ability to reproduce with a fertile male vampire. In books of magic, there is no record of these demons impregnating a woman or mating with men during their frequent sexual liaisons, and so when they transformed into vampires, this prohibition remained in force. Regardless of not reproducing with us, it does not follow that the vampire is sterile.

The modern vampire is a creature embodying the powers of the incubus and succubus, with the mythology of the undead. Because of the magic, the fertility of the vampire was inherited from the demons of magic lore. The combined myth is a creature suffering blood lust and also sexual addiction, with the capacity to gain the most from night visits of their sleeping victims.