….of Vampires

By Suzanne Carré

The Vampire Sexual Secrets is a novel about vampires and their sexual secrets, as the name suggests, but it is also an examination into what is sex, love, and what makes up relationships. In the realm of the supernatural, there are no limitations to either asking these questions or exploring their consequences. As an erotic romance it has the advantage that we can indulge in the impossible while we ask these difficult questions.

Who are the vampires?

I prefer the supernatural vampire, a sexy beast with the conviction that living forever is the best state of existence. I don’t like the wimp vampire that can’t wait to become human—what for—it never made any sense to me? I also find the werewolf-styled vampire with dog teeth and canine looks to be anything but sexy. I know this is the latest trend in TV and film but because vampires are what we make them, my vampires are what I want them to be. The demon always reflects our fears, so what are we at the dawn of the 21st century—afraid of our humanity, unsure of our future, indecisive, immature, and determined to be more animal? Sounds more like a horror story than reflections of reality.

So what am I afraid of when I write about vampires and sex? Not much apart from the usual, death and pain, but in regard to the sex—I’m just disappointed I’m a mere mortal. My vampires reflect my deepest wish to live forever because I don’t get bored on rainy afternoons, so the inconvenience of biting a few necks for sustenance is worth it for the sex vampires have.

Although they live forever, not all my vampires are ancient. The unfortunates who failed did so because they underestimated their human quarry, and were destroyed for their misjudgment. The vampires may have conquered death but they are very aware of the destruction of others of their kind, the closely related feel the pain of their dying relative, and with their curse to live forever, they remember the pain forever. As compensation, or more of the curse depending on how you look at it, they also acquire the memories of the lost vampire, to become like them, and have to exist with their failings or achievements.

Vampires need to be intelligent, after all they hunt the most difficult creature to capture—the human being. They can get us, so they must have slightly better cerebral function then we do. My vampires are also creative and expressive, recording for their kind the secrets of pleasure in their manuals of love. The secrets are a collection of letters and instruction books gathered over the ages. Their last publication occurred more than 300 years ago.

Karma Sutra of the undead

My novel is not one of those instructional fictions where the novice receives sex education from the wise old vampire in everything concerning sex. It could be but the most difficult lesson the vampire gives to my mortal heroine is an understanding of who she is and the love she’s searching for. My vampires write about love so they don’t have a problem with the most powerful of feelings. My vampire does teach her how to have sex vampire style but the core is from her analysis of the sex and the emotions evoked more than detailed mechanics. I’ve written an erotic love story about the virtue of eternal love, faithfulness, and how relationships can bridge the very essence of time.

Most tales concerning the Karma Sutra type plots are centered around lust. The paradox of lust makes for a compelling story which is probably why it is retold over the ages. In these various renditions, the expert partner brings their lover to great heights of sexual prowess—and then—then there is tragedy. The lovers begin with only lust shared between them, the sex only taught the novice how to explore the impact of their sexual awakening, and once perfected there is the biggest challenge for the couple. Their relationship is suddenly different because now it has to deal with a transforming force: love.

Knowing this I avoid the forgone conclusion. Unlike these other stories concentrating on the method of sex and destroying the relationship because of love, the couple in my novel are in love before the sex starts, even before the first kiss. The challenge to their seemingly perfect love is the bane of all human beings—our insecurities. When other vampires enter into the budding relationship, the questions about the difference between love and sex, how to trust the one you love, and what makes a loving relationship tears at the very fabric of their emotions. It is the vampire wisdom that provides the clearest path through all the confusion.

So if you’d like to know more about what is in the novel, please feel free to browse the blog. I have presently a section on the novel itself (6 posts), a series on the vampire bite (9 posts), a how-to section on kisses described in the novel (10 posts), and currently a look at what vampires think about love, lust and sex (15 posts and counting 27 posts) because it is the debate over love and sex that engages the main characters.

Now I added a series on what vampires are because we’ve made them that way. This group also includes details of vampire sexuality, and some historical background to vampires.

For those interested in the details of vampire sex, see the section on the vampire manuals of love. Also, I’ve started a dictionary of vampire language for terms discussed in my articles so far.

Thanks for reading.

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Update:  For those who love poetry, there is a new section of sonnets dealing with the seeking and obtaining of Dark Love.